Specialist Training Program

Integrated Rural Training Pipeline

The Integrated Rural Training Pipeline (IRTP) is a subset of the STP, and will provide 100 positions from 2017 onwards, across all medical colleges. ANZCA currently has funding to support up to eight FTE positions under the IRTP.

Twenty-six regional training hubs have been established under the IRTP to work with local health services, to help stream students through the medical training pipeline. A regional training hub is a team of people at an established Rural Health Multidisciplinary Training Program location, dedicated to integrating medical training opportunities for medical students, junior doctors and specialists trainees within their catchment area.

Each IRTP post is designed to support one trainee over several years. It is expected that once the new agreements have been established for 2021 and beyond, that the trainees currently in these positions will continue until they have completed their training.


IRTP trainee consent form
IRTP progress report

Additional information on the IRTP can be found on the Department of Health website, or contact the STP team on +61 3 9510 6299 or stp@anzca.edu.au.
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