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Misaligned volume markings on BD 5mL syringe

Graduated volume markings are reported to be misaligned on the BD (Becton Dickinson) 5mL luer-slip syringe, item number 302130, leading to measurement error.

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CO2 insufflation in endoscopy reduces risk of gas embolism

Following the death of a person from suspected venous air embolism, ANZCA recommends CO2 is used for endoscopy insufflation and that anaesthetists maintain a high index of clinical suspicion of gas embolism.

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Management of potential supply disruption to epidural kits (update)

Recommendation to manage potential supply disruption of a brand of commonly used epidural kits by conserving kits for epidurals only (not nerve blocks) per NSW Health advice.

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Product defect correction: Carestation 750/750c Anesthesia Delivery Systems – O2 mixer failure condi

Defect in these machines causes defaulting to 100% O2 ventilation, risking hyperoxia and oxygen toxicity if ventilation is prolonged for some patients.

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Compatibility of intravenous access connectors with pre-filled syringes, especially glass

Repeated incidents of pre-filled glass adrenaline syringes unable to administer medication when used with a wrong connector or without an adaptor. When encountering a blockage, try changing to a new connector.

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Misconnections of breathing circuits

There have been several instances of misconnections involving co-axial breathing circuits where after performance of the “two bag test.”

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Gentamicin Injection USP 40 mg/mL (80mg/2mL) – caution if used as an inhalation

Gentamicin Injection USP 40 mg/mL (80mg/2mL) – Alternative product filling shortage may cause airway irritation if administered via inhalation

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Ventolin metered dose inhalers (AU)

Important information on changes to the design of Salbutamol (Ventolin) metered dose inhalers (MDIs/‘puffers’) in Australia.

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Providing patients with culturally safe care

Explore some of the measures we're taking to create a culturally safe environment for Indigenous Australian and Māori patients and doctors.

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