Area of Need pathway

The Area of Need (AoN) process applies to Australia only. The declaration that a specified position is an AoN is made by the relevant government jurisdiction not ANZCA.

The area of need assessment does not assess a SIMG’s comparability to an Australian trained specialist but rather their suitability for a specific position. Due to the nature of anaesthesia and pain medicine specialist practice in Australia ANZCA requires that to determine the SIMG’s suitability for the specific position, a combined assessment for specialist recognition and area of need must be performed. Information on the specialist recognition process can be found here.

Within the AoN assessment process our role is to assess the suitability of a specialist international medical graduate (SIMG) to work in a particular AoN position. Our support is site-specific and cannot be transferred. We will issue a “combined report” that is uploaded to the AMC portal and provided to the SIMG confirming that the SIMG “is” or “is not” suitable for the position. The combined report will also cover the details of the specialty assessment.

If you are an SIMG applicant and have access to an AoN position, you must indicate this on your SIMG application form. In addition to the details in respect to the SIMG Assessment Process you must also complete the details about the AoN position. If your application is assessed as suitable for further evaluation you will be invited to attend your SIMG interview.

We are unable to assist with sourcing employment. Applicants can search state/territories health department and other employment websites to find AoN positions.

Current SIMGs or Short Term Training Applicants wishing to undertake an AoN position, should contact us for further information.

The Medical Board of Australia has developed new standards concerning Specialist medical college assessment of specialist international medical graduates and section 9 details the provisions that apply for AoN positions from January 2021. Applicants should also read regulation 23 and the information on the SIMG assessment process.

For further information please contact us.

Last updated 08:20 2.12.2020