Area of Need pathway

The Area of Need (AoN) process applies to Australia only and is used to address medical workforce shortages in designated areas. It doesn't directly lead to fellowship or specialist registration by the Medical Board of Australia.

Our role is to assess the suitability of a specialist international medical graduate (SIMG) to work in a particular AoN position. Our support is site-specific and cannot be transferred. We are unable to assist with sourcing employment. Applicants can search state health department websites to find AoN positions.

Applications for assessment via the AoN pathway should be sent directly to ANZCA. All applications must be submitted using the application form and CV form and must contain all required documentation as listed on the application form.

Once ANZCA has supported you in an AoN position, you may apply for limited registration with the MBA. In some instances the college may arrange for a fellow of the college to conduct an onsite visit after you have been in the position for approximately two months.

ANZCA's support for an SIMG in an AoN position and any subsequent extensions of that support will normally be for 12 months from starting date of the position.  This support is conditional upon compliance with the requirements set out in the individual’s letter of support, which include commencement of the SIMG assessment process.

Step 1. Submit application form and fee

If you have an AoN position, you must complete and submit the Area of Need Application Form and CV form with all requested documentation (as listed on the application form). We will not assess applications received without the application form and supporting documents.

Area of Need application fee for assessment


The Area of Need application fee must accompany the Area of Need application. We will not assess applications if the fee does not accompany the application.

Area of Need extension fee


We assess Area of Need extensions on a case-by-case basis and will only grant extensions if all conditions in the letter of support have been met.
We will not assess applications if the fee does not accompany the application.

Step 2. Submit interview fee form

You must pay an interview fee once the paper assessment stage of your assessment is completed.

We will set an interview date once you have paid this fee.

Step 3. Submit SIMG Annual fee

You must pay an annual fee for each year you are in the SIMG assessment process. You may be removed from the SIMG assessment process if you fail to pay this fee.

SIMGs who are undertaking their CPA period on a part-time or interrupted basis, or who gain fellowship part way through a year, are entitled to a pro rata refund. The refund will be calculated by the SIMG administrative team.

Step 4. Apply for approval of position and assessment of PD

You must submit all requests for consideration of a position for the clinical practice assessment period in the Application for approval of a position (SIMG) form.

You must submit all requests for consideration of a position for the Area of Need process in the Application for assessment of a PD for AoN form. 

We will not assess any request submitted in the incorrect format.

Step 5. Submit ongoing clinical practice assessment reports

Step 6. Apply to sit the exam or complete a SIMG workplace based assessment

All applicants are advised to read regulation 23 and the information on the SIMG assessment process.

For further information please contact us.

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