Safety & Advocacy

We work closely with key decision-makers, the medical community, and the media; providing trusted advice and information to help ensure our patients have access to safe, high-quality, culturally competent care whenever and wherever they need it; and our fellows and trainees have a voice on the issues that matter most.

We're the foremost authority on anaesthesia, pain medicine, and perioperative medicine in Australia and New Zealand; the professional membership organisation for more than 7000 specialist anaesthetists, 460 specialist pain medicine physicians, and 1640 specialists-in-training; and we have significant responsibilities in terms of setting the standards of clinical practice. So it's little wonder that safety and advocacy are central to everything we do. 

We maintain highly effective relationships with a wide range of government and non-government agencies, healthcare providers, the community and the media on both sides of the Tasman, and have a reputation for providing evidence-based information and advice on everything from safe sedation to sustainable education in developing countries.

In this section, you can explore the various ways we're working with government agencies, regulators, healthcare providers, and the media.

Safety alerts

We notify members of important safety, quality, and supply issues affecting the medicines and medical devices they use. This information generally comes via the Therapeutic Goods Administration...

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Standards of practice

We're responsible for setting the standards of clinical practice for anaesthesia and pain medicine in Australia and New Zealand. Our activities include issuing safety alerts; developing...

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From formal submissions to social media campaigns, we leverage our professional reputation and relationships to advocate on issues affecting our specialties; our members; and the patients under...

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Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islander & Māori health

Find out what we're doing to address the inequities in health outcomes between Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in Australia and Aotearoa New Zealand

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Global health

We're committed to improving education and training capacity in anaesthesia and pain medicine in response to the needs expressed by low and middle income countries (LMIC).

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Specialist Training Program (STP)

The STP is an Australian government initiative that aims to extend vocational training for specialist registrars into settings outside traditional metropolitan teaching hospitals, including...

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Safety & Advocacy Resource Hub

Access a wide range of resources related to safety, standards of practice - including anaesthetic incident reporting (webAIRS), critical incident debriefing, advocacy and Indigenous and global health.

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College publications

Publications such as the Blue Book, Acute Pain Medicine: Scientific Evidence, and the ANZCA Bulletin keep you up-to-date and lift the profile of anaesthesia and pain medicine with policy makers and...

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Professional documents

Our professional documents, statements and guidelines are crucial for promoting the safety and quality of patient care for those undergoing anaesthesia for surgical and other procedures and for...

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Compilation of clinical resources to support your preparation for high risk and or sero-positive COVID-19 patients

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Doctors' health and wellbeing

Healthy doctors ensure a sustainable workforce that provides best patient care. Find out what we're doing to support our doctors' health and wellbeing, and the services and resources available to...

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Anaesthetic incident reporting

We oversee a range of incident reporting activities in Australia and New Zealand, including mortality reporting and webAIRS, to ensure that we continue to be two of the safest countries in the...

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Resources for Opioid Stewardship Implementation (ROSI)

Your multidisciplinary toolkit to help navigate opioid stewardship.

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