Renae McBrien

Renae McBrien

Environment Consultant for Children’s Health Queensland 


Renae McBrien is the Environment Consultant for Children’s Health Queensland. She also works as a radiographer, with over 25 years of clinical health experience. Renae McBrien is passionate about building sustainability into our health care system and has worked across many Brisbane hospitals to design waste out of health. Her work to value waste as a resource has converted waste into a revenue stream for Queensland Health, saving over 500,000 kg from landfill and saving over AUD$1.8million in 2022/2023.

Renae’s work has recently been featured on the ABC War on Waste TV series which captured over 4 million views worldwide. She has awarded the 2019 and 2020 Brisbane City Council Waste Innovation Award and the 2021 Brisbane City Council Waste Champion Award and Queensland Children’s Hospital has won the Sustainability Clinical Excellence award.

Last updated 16:31 28.09.2023