2023 ANZCA Council Awards winners

07 March 2024

Congratulations to the 14 fellows being recognised for their outstanding achievements with an ANZCA Council Award.

The ANZCA Council Awards recognise excellence and contributions by individuals and departments whether in large city health services, private practice, rural and remote settings or overseas. When our nominations opened last year we called for our fellows to nominate our quiet achievers, the community leaders as well as those whose commitment draws more public recognition. In 2023, a total of 14 winners were selected for four of the five council awards.

Robert Orton Medal

The Robert Orton Medal is the college’s highest honour. It recognises distinguished service to anaesthesia, perioperative medicine and/or pain medicine.

Dr Lindy Roberts AM (WA)

Recognising the work Lindy has undertaken as an educator and extensively published scholar; her commitment to diversity and inclusion within the college, including a strong focus on wellbeing, gender equity and First Nations peoples of Australia and New Zealand; and for her unwavering service to the broader medical community.

Prof David A Scott (Vic)

For David's contribution to the areas of cognitive outcomes following surgery, acute pain management, and advancing the visibility and reputation of the profession. His contributions have been achieved through key leadership roles, extensive engagement in research, collaboration with peak bodies, a tireless pursuit of excellence in defining standards of clinical practice, editorship of influential publications, and as a highly inspiring exemplar of clinical excellence and professionalism to colleagues, junior and senior alike. 

Dr Peter Roessler (Vic)

In recognition of Peter's involvement in the development of professional documents since 2010 and in the support of specialist international medical graduates (SIMGs) since 2001.


The ANZCA Medal recognises major contributions by fellows to the status of anaesthesia, intensive care, pain medicine or related specialties.

Prof André Van Zundert (Qld)

André has played a central role in developing academic anaesthesia in Australia and internationally. His considerable academic productivity particularly in patient safety, airway management, intravenous anaesthesia, and regional anaesthesia, and more recently sustainability in healthcare and workforce wellbeing is extraordinary. 

Dr Allan Cyna (SA)

Allan's significant and lasting contributions to the college can be demonstrated by his dedication, research and education in the use of hypnotic communication to enhance patient experience. He has also expanded his research beyond anaesthetics to multiple disciplines in medicine. 

Dr Helen Kolawole (Vic)

Helen's significant and lasting contributions to the college can be demonstrated by her international recognition as an expert in perioperative allergy and anaphylaxis. Her passion for education as a primary examiner, as well as a supervisor of training, EMAC instructor and a primary lecturer is extraordinary. Being a long-term active member of Australian and New Zealand Anaesthetic Allergy Group (ANZAAG) and her formation of the Guidelines for the Management of Anaesthetic Anaphylaxis is of significant value to the specialty.

A/Prof Michael Steyn (Qld)

Michael's significant and lasting contributions to the college can be demonstrated in his immeasurable contribution to SIMG assessment, support and advocacy. This involvement has assisted in the improvement of SIMG upskilling, assessment, and success in the workplace and has led to improved patient safety and access to quality care. Additionally, this award is in acknowledgement of his founding of the Overseas Trained Specialist Anaesthetist's Network (OTSAN), which has seen further support to SIMGs all over Australia. 

A/Prof Richard Riley (WA)

In recognition of his significant and lasting contributions to the college throughout his career, most notably as the Chief Editor of Australasian Anaesthesia (the "Blue Book") from 2007-2021, and his roles as: SIMG workplace-based assessor from 2010-2023; TAC inspector from 2010-2021; and State Executive Committee for ANZCA from 2000-2017. 

Dr Neil MacLennan (NZ)

For Neil's contribution to complex vascular surgery and liver transplantation, perioperative medicine and ultrasound guided regional anaesthesia and for the work he has undertaken as a founding trustee on the Joint Anaesthesia Faculty of Auckland Trust Board (JAFA Charitable Trust). 

ANZCA Council Citation

The ANZCA Council Citation is awarded to fellows in recognition of significant contributions to activities of the college.

Dr Indu Kapoor (NZ)

Indu's significant and lasting contributions to the college can be demonstrated by her contribution to the advancement of paediatric anaesthesia in New Zealand and as the chair and founding member of the Paediatric Anaesthesia Network of New Zealand (PANNZ). In addition, her successful running of PACMAC and the start up of IS-PACMAC is commendable.

Dr Gregory O'Sullivan OAM (NSW)

Gregory's significant and lasting contributions to the college can be demonstrated via his many years of service. He was a chair and member of the New South Wales Regional Committee; a member of the Training and Accreditation (TAC) Committee; and the director of department at St Vincent’s Hospital. 

Dr Martin Misur (NZ)

Martin's significant and lasting contributions to the college are demonstrated by the management and software design of the work-based assessments in the college training portfolio system (TPS), as well as many of the IT interfaces at the Auckland City Hospital.  

Dr Lia Freestone (Tas)

Lia's significant and lasting contributions to the college continue to be demonstrated in her exemplary dedication to anaesthesia in Tasmania. She was a member of the Tasmanian Regional Committee and the Tasmanian Anaesthetic Training Program, and has been consistently involved with a plethora of ANZCA education committees and working groups.

ANZCA Recognition

The ANZCA Recognition recognises significant contributions at a regional level to anaesthesia, perioperative medicine and/or pain medicine.

A/Prof Irene Ng (Vic)

Irene's contributions to the college have been demonstrated by her dedicated involvement with such a large number of our committees, including ANZCA Victorian Regional Committee, ANZCA Scholar Role Subcommittee, ANZCA Emerging Investigators Subcommittee. She has also been an exam preparation course lecturer; an ANZCA Research Grant reviewer; and a PBLD/Workshop Co-convenor, among other things. Her substantial involvement with the Royal Melbourne Hospital in collaborative research, clinical teaching and being an expert in quality improvement is to be commended. 

Winners will be presented with their awards at the upcoming College Ceremony at the 2024 ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting in Brisbane.

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