100% completion rate for CPD in 2023

15 March 2024

The 2023 continuing professional development (CPD) end-of-triennium and end-of-cycle processes are complete, with a 100 per cent completion rate!

Congratulations to the 7000+ fellows and CPD participants enrolled in our 2021-2023 triennium; our 2022-2024 triennium; and our 2023 annual cycle. We're incredibly proud of this outstanding result and acknowledges the efforts of our three CPD cohorts during a challenging transition time. 

Our fellows and CPD participants faced unprecedented challenges over the last few years, with a global pandemic and evolving regulatory CPD requirements being announced by the Medical Board of Australia and the Medical Council of New Zealand.  

For the first time, our CPD program comprised three active cohorts transitioning to an updated annual CPD cycle in a staggered fashion. 
This excellent result demonstrates the commitment of our fellows and CPD participants to our ANZCA and FPM CPD program, and the dedication of our CPD team to fostering a culture of lifelong learning.  

Please note: we didn't conduct a verification (audit) in 2023. However, our CPD team strongly encourages uploading evidence of completion of CPD activities throughout 2024, as in September 2024 seven percent of our fellows and CPD participants will be selected for our annual audit process.

As always, our CPD team is available for any questions or assistance.  

Last updated 15:49 21.03.2024