Changes of criteria to pass the Final Exam

11 June 2024

Following the Australian Medical Council (AMC) accreditation in 2022 a review of the quality assurance processes of the final exam have led to a change in the pass criteria.

The Final Examination Sub-committee have considered the recommendations in collaboration with the Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) and the approval of the  Education Executive Management Committee the following changes will be implemented the 2024.2 Final Exam.
The revision to the pass criteria reflects a stronger emphasis on ensuring the assessment of patient safety is of paramount importance and that a minimum level of competence be achieved.

It is to note that the format of the examination has not changed and the criteria to progress to vivas remains as is; a candidate is required to obtain 40% or more in each of the MCQ & SAQ to be invited to viva. 

To be successful at the final examination,you must

  1. ​Achieve a mark of at least 50% in the anaesthesia vivas.
  2. Achieve a mark of at least 50% in one of the MCQ, SAQ or medical vivas.
  3. Achieve a mark of at least 50% in the final examination overall.
       In addition to the current existing criteria 
  1. A candidate must pass (achieve a score of (≥5  of 10) at least four (4) out of the eight (8) anaesthesia vivas.
  2. A candidate who scores 3 marks or less (≤ 3 out of 10) in three (3) or more anaesthesia vivas will be deemed to have failed the Final Examination.

Should you have questions or concerns please contact the final exam team at [email protected]

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