Enhancing data security

08 March 2024

Find out what we're doing to keep your data safe and improve your online experience.

We're committed to enhancing your user experience while ensuring the security of your personal and professional data. Over the coming months, we will be gradually improving security across our online applications and services. The first improvement is the introduction of single sign-on (SSO) when accessing your ANZCA services.

What's SSO?

SSO is an authentication solution that enables you to access password-protected services, applications, websites, and datasets using a single set of credentials - Username and Password.

Users will only need to authenticate themselves once during a session. Once you have logged in to an ANZCA service, you will not be prompted to log in again when accessing other SSO enabled ANZCA sites or services. SSO works just like a passport to confirm your identity when using approved applications and services.

What's happening when?

In May 2024, we will enable SSO for two ANZCA services - the CPD Portfolio and the CPD Mobile App. We'll then enable SSO for other ANZCA applications and services gradually, providing regular progress updates via the website and the ANZCA Enewsletter as we go.

What do I need to do?

You don’t need to do anything! Your credentials for the CPD Portfolio won’t change, however the log in screen will look slightly different.

Screenshot of the CPD Portfolio login screen

We'll share support and troubleshooting assistance on the ANZCA website ahead of implementation, so keep an eye out for further updates.

Last updated 16:07 16.05.2024