Diving and hyperbaric medicine training program

Our Advanced Certificate in Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (ANZCA Adv Cert DHM)  provides a unique opportunity for specialist doctors to "take the plunge" into an exciting, emerging area of medicine. 

While this post-specialisation qualification does not lead to specialist registration in diving and hyperbaric medicine (DHM), it's the only one of its kind in Australia and New Zealand. 

Award of the advanced certificate requires completion of diving and hyperbaric medicine (DHM) training program and a specialist qualification acceptable to the ANZCA Council, as well as current medical registration and declaration of fitness to practice.

Course structure and content

The following documents outline the course content and structure of the training program.

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ANZCA Advanced Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Training Curriculum PDF
ANZCA Handbook for Advanced Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Training PDF
Regulation 36 PDF
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DHM exam

The diving and hyperbaric medicine (DHM) exam is a test of knowledge, behaviours and clinical skills pertinent to a specialist medical practitioner in diving and hyperbaric medicine. The DHM exam is conducted annually, and consists of a written component and a viva voce section. 

To be eligible to sit the exam, you must have completed a minimum of 26 weeks (full-time equivalent) towards DHM training by the date of the written section. You are allowed up to three attempts at the exam. 

2024 DHM exam details

2024 application form

Written examination

8 August 2024

Viva examination

4 September 2024

Registration Closing Date

15 May 2024

Withdrawal fee date

24 July 2024

Written Venues :  Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney
Viva Venues     :  Melbourne

We have past DHM exam reports available to help you prepare for your exam.

Apply to join

To register as a diving and hyperbaric (DHM) trainee, you'll need to have secured a training appointment in an accredited DHM unit and either of the following:

  1. A specialist qualification deemed acceptable to the college.
  2. At least 104 weeks full-time equivalent (FTE) training towards such a qualification.

Please allow 2-4 weeks for processing.

Award of the Advanced Certificate

Once you've met your training requirements, you may apply for the award of the ANZCA Advanced Certificate in DHM.

Application form

Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine trainee toolkit

Fees, forms, and resources related to the DHM training.

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DHM accredited training sites

Training time towards the ANZCA advanced diving and hyperbaric medicine training program must be completed at a suitable diving and hyperbaric medicine (DHM) facility.

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Advertised training positions

Looking for a training position? We advertise anaesthesia and pain medicine roles at all levels and across Australia and New Zealand.

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Training & Exams Resource Hub

This hub has been designed for trainees and educators participating in the ANZCA, FPM, RGA and DHM training programs to identify suitable training and education resources, and includes program-specific guides and online access to the Primary Exam reading list and ETA reference readings.

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