Perioperative Medicine Steering Committee

The Perioperative Medicine Steering Committee (POMSC) reports to ANZCA Council on the development and implementation of an effective integrated perioperative care model and education offerings for Australia and New Zealand.

In 2016, ANZCA Council approved the progression of the development of a formal qualification in perioperative medicine. Since then, we have been working closely with the Perioperative Medicine Special Interest Group to establish this steering committee.

Perioperative medicine was introduced as a key pillar of ANZCA’s 2018-2022 strategic plan. Updates are provided in the  ANZCA Bulletin.

2022 ANZCA Committee Calendar

Committee members

Title Name Region
Co-Chair Dr Sean McManus Qld
Co-Chair, ANZCA Councillor, ANZCA Immediate Past President Dr Vanessa Beavis NZ
Deputy chair Prof David Story Vic
ANZCA Perioperative Medicine SIG executive Dr Jill Van Acker ACT
FPM board member Dr Melissa Viney Vic
New Zealand National Committee representative Dr Nicola Broadbent  NZ
College of Intensive Care Medicine representative  A/Prof Arthas Flabouris SA
Royal Australasian College of Physicians representative  Dr Aisling Fleury Qld
Royal Australasian College of Physicians representative Dr Amy Osborne Vic
Royal Australasian College of Surgeons representative Dr David Robinson NSW
Australian College of Remote and Rural Medicine representative Dr Peter Rogers Tas
Royal Australian College of General Practitioners representative A/Prof Richard Watts SA
Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners Dr Kathy McDonald NZ
ANZCA, Executive Director, Education and Research Dr Robert O'Brien Vic
ANZCA, Executive Director, Policy and Communications Ms Clea Hincks Vic
Community representative Ms Heather Gunter NZ
Chair, Perioperative Care Working Group Dr Jeremy Fernando Qld
Chair, Perioperative Medicine Content and Assessment Working Group Dr Joel Symons Vic
Committee Support Officer Ms Anna Tarasova Vic

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