Queensland primary exam refresher course

This full-time, five day intensive course covers many of the core curriculum topics that could be included in the ANZCA primary exam.

This course is appropriate for trainees who have already spent at least six months of full-time study (i.e. 20 hours/week) or 12 of part-time study (i.e. 10 hours/week) engaging deeply with the primary exam curriculum. It consists of:

1) 32 hours of interactive lectures:

  • Course attendees are expected to be familiar with most of this content already.
  • Lectures will neither be comprehensive nor didactic.
  • Trainees encountering these concepts for the first time are unlikely to benefit from attending the course.

2) 8 hours of SAQ practice:

  • Course attendees will write answers to SAQs under exam conditions every day of this course – starting on the first session of the first day.
  • These SAQ answers will be subjected to self-critique, peer-critique, and comparison to an objective standard (i.e. an answer written by a course attendee that is deemed worthy of at least a “3/5 pass mark” by a primary examiner).

The aim of the course is not necessarily for trainees to gain more knowledge. It is to help guide trainees devise strategies on how to acquire and integrate knowledge such that they can more successfully translate it into marks in the SAQ portion of the primary exam.

Cost and registration

Registration fee: A$880, includes catering

Please email to register your interest.

The number of participants for the course will be limited. Priority will be given to those candidates sitting the 2025.1 primary examination.

  • Date

    18 November - 22 November

  • Time


  • Location

    ANZCA QLD regional office Brisbane

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