Changes to Introductory Training in 2025

09 July 2024

The ANZCA Training Program is moving towards a model of competency-based education as part of the training program evolution.

In 2025, the existing initial assessment of competence questions (IAACQ) will be replaced by an online MCQ assessment and supervisors of training (SOT)-administered Specified Emergency Scenarios. The purpose is to standardise this assessment across the ANZCA training sites, replacing the current IAACQ administered by the SOT.

The existing multi-source feedback (MSF) and other workplace-based assessments (WBAs) will remain unchanged in 2025.

Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) assessment

The MCQ assessment is a series of questions selected from knowledge-based learning outcomes for the Introductory Training (IT) core unit of the anaesthesia training program curriculum document. The MCQ assessment questions reflect core knowledge that all introductory trainees would be expected to know before progressing to Basic Training (BT).

  • The MCQ assessment will be available online at Learn@ANZCA and consists of 60 questions to be completed within 60 minutes and trainees must achieve 80% to successfully complete the assessment.
  • Trainees can attempt the MCQ assessment at any time after commencing IT and have unlimited attempts to successfully complete the MCQ assessment however ANZCA Training Program administrators and the SOT will be notified after three unsuccessful attempts.
  • A practice MCQ resource will be available to support trainees in preparing for the MCQ assessment.
  • Trainees must successfully complete the MCQ assessment by week 16 FTE.
  • Failure to successfully complete the MCQ assessment after three attempts, or by week 16 FTE, will result in a flag to the SOT that the trainee may need additional support and/or to implement the trainee support process in a timely way to enable progression at the Core Unit Review (CUR).

Specified Emergency Scenarios (SES) 

The SES is an assessment conducted by the SOT, using a standardised template and scenario-based questions to assess the Introductory Trainee across six domains critical to patient safety. The scenarios assess risk identification and mitigation, critical reasoning and response to an unexpected event.

  • Trainees may undertake the SES at a time negotiated with the SOT and be allowed multiple attempts to successfully achieve the required standard.
  • The standard for a pass is based on patient safety i.e. does the trainee show they have sufficient knowledge to safely manage the event.

Next steps

The competency-based medical education (CBME) working groups will continue to develop these assessments and associated resources for implementation in 2025. Further communication about these changes will be provided to education officers (EOs) and SOTs, and updates will be included in future training e-newsletters.

Last updated 12:15 11.07.2024