A/Prof David Sturgess, FANZCA

A/Prof David Sturgess, FANZCA

ANZCA Councillor (Qld) 


David recently led the establishment of the anaesthetic department of a new greenfield hospital (STARS) in Brisbane. This involved workforce planning, recruitment, and retention of talented anaesthetists. This process refreshed my insight into the importance of defending the rigour of the ANZCA Training Program, development of safe but efficient work environments, and sustainability of the workforce and workplace.

David is a dual qualified specialist anaesthetist and intensive care physician, with complementary qualifications and experience in general practice, medical administration, clinical ultrasound, and research. David established equally in quaternary hospital anaesthesia, as a Deputy Director at the Princess Alexandra Hospital, and busy private practice in various hospitals around Brisbane. His clinical interests focus upon higher risk procedures (vascular and oncologic surgery) and co-morbidity.

David has made significant contributions to ANZCA including Scientific Convenor ASM 2017 and Primary Exam Sub-Committee member. These and additional roles have offered him a good working knowledge of ANZCA college staff and business units.

David pledges to bring a growth mindset and passion for innovation, as well as skills and high-level experience across many aspects of our specialty.

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