FPM Training and Assessment Executive Committee

The FPM Training and Assessment Executive Committee (TAEC) oversees training, assessment and accreditation activities.

The committee reports to the FPM Board and oversees, guides, and reports on the activities of the faculty's Learning and Development Committee, the Training Unit Accreditation Committee and Examinations Committee to ensure alignment of the curriculum with the training and assessment processes. 

Staff in our Melbourne office provide administrative support to the committee. 

Committee members

Title Name
Chair Dr Kieran Davis
Chair, Learning and Development Committee  Prof Milton Cohen
Chair, Training Unit Accreditation Committee Prof Michael Veltman
Chair, Examinations Committee Dr Kieran Davis
Assessor Dr Melissa Viney
Supervisors of Training Advisor Dr Charlotte Johnstone
Community Representative Ms Helen Maxwell-Wright
Acting General Manager Ms Juliette Whittington
Dean (ex officio) A/Prof Michael Vagg 

Committee meeting calendar

College committee members can find details about committee meetings in Networks under the "My Networks and Committees" button.

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