FPM committees

The FPM committees support the board in achieving its objectives. The appointment of office bearers, committee chairs and membership nominations is confirmed following the FPM annual general meetings each year.

2024 meetings

FPM Executive Committee

The Executive Committee assists the faculty's dean and general manager in dealing with matters that arise between board meetings, and alerts the board to matters needing consideration, action or ratification.

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FPM Training and Assessment Executive Committee

The Training and Assessment Executive Committee (TAEC) oversees training, assessment and accreditation activities.

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FPM Professional Affairs Executive Committee

The Professional Affairs Executive Committee (PAEC) oversees professional standards, scientific meetings and research activities.

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FPM national and regional committees

The board is supported by the FPM New Zealand National Committee and regional committees in five Australian jurisdictions.

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Last updated 14:19 7.02.2024