National Strategy for Health Practitioner Pain Management Education

The faculty is proud to announce the launch of the National Strategy for Health Practitioner Pain Management Education.

Funded by the Australian Government, the strategy unfolds a five-to-10-year vision to deliver on Goal Three of the National Strategic Action Plan for Pain Management“Health practitioners are well-informed and skilled on best practice evidence-based care and are supported to deliver this care” (p.20).

The strategy articulates a nationally consistent and comprehensive set of principles and goals to inform the development and implementation of pain management content within health practitioner education programs, at all levels. The strategy centres on the needs of health practitioners as learners and the needs of people requiring pain care, as well as promote a sociopsychobiomedical approach to pain management.

The strategy along with it's companion document - an implementation guide has been published online by the Department of Health and Aged Care.

A unified approach to pain management

The National Strategy is unique in its approach, aiming to provide consistent and evidence-based pain management education across all health practitioner disciplines.

By creating a unified set of principles, values, and goals, the strategy will ensure that health practitioners, regardless of their field or location, are equipped with the knowledge and skills to provide optimal pain care. This inclusivity extends to medical practitioners, nurses, physiotherapists, psychologists, occupational therapists, First Nations health workers, and aged care workers.

The crucial role of stakeholder consultation

A remarkable aspect of this strategy's development was the extensive stakeholder consultation process carried out in 2021. Despite challenges presented by the global pandemic, the faculty remained committed to gathering diverse insights to shape the strategy effectively. Stakeholder consultation workshops held across the country, both in-person and virtually, served as platforms for multi-disciplinary groups to brainstorm and contribute their expertise to the project.

This inclusive approach ensured that the strategy was not only based on scientific evidence and best practice but also reflected the real-world experiences and needs of those directly involved in pain management and education

Looking ahead: The impact of the strategy

The launch of the National Strategy is just the beginning. Over the next five to ten years, the roadmap provided by the strategy will be instrumental in transforming pain education for health practitioners at all stages of their careers, from undergraduate students to seasoned professionals.

In 2023, the faculty secured further funding from the Australian Government, marking a significant leap towards Goal 1 of the strategy – developing national standards for health practitioner pain management education.

Get involved

While the strategy provides a roadmap, its success lies in collective action. Continuous feedback, collaboration, and commitment from all stakeholders will ensure that the strategy remains dynamic and evolves as per the needs of the community.

For further details about the strategy and its implementation or to engage in discusssions regarding pain management education in Australia, please contact Maral Tecer, FPM Manager - Strategic Initiatives. 

Last updated 10:40 27.05.2024