From formal submissions to social media campaigns, we leverage our professional reputation and relationships to advocate on issues affecting our specialties; our members; and the patients under their care. 

As the foremost authority on anaesthesia, pain medicine, and perioperative medicine in Australia and New Zealand, and a recognised world leader in the areas of research, education, and standards of practice, we're in a strong position to influence and advocate. 

Our policy and communications teams provide national and regional government agencies, health boards, hospitals, communities and the media on both sides of the Tasman with evidence-based advice and authoritative, accessible information.

Here are just a few of the ways we're working to advocate for the issues that matter most to our fellows, trainees, and the people they help.

Contributing to public policy and health systems

We work with national, state and territory governments to ensure we're appropriately consulted on decisions affecting our members; the health systems they work within; and their ability to provide every patient with safe, high-quality, and culturally competent care.

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Working with the media

ANZCA has an experienced communications team that proactively engages with the media to highlight the important work of our anaesthetists and pain specialists. This includes sharing our latest evidence-based research and patient safety initiatives. We also actively encourage media to contact us...

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College publications

Our publications keep members up-to-date and lift the profile of anaesthesia and pain medicine with policy makers and in the wider community.

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ANZCA National Anaesthesia Day

Each year we celebrate ANZCA National Anaesthesia Day across Australia and New Zealand on 16 October, the anniversary of the day in 1846 that ether anaesthetic was first demonstrated in Boston, Massachusetts.

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Developing Australian Standards for Health Practitioner Pain Management Education

Information and updates about the faculty's project to develop national standards for health practitioner pain management education.

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Voluntary assisted dying

Information about ANZCA's position on legalised voluntary assisted dying for terminally ill people in Australia and New Zealand.

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Digital health

Digital health is becoming increasingly important in our healthcare system

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National Strategy for Health Practitioner Pain Management Education

The faculty is proud to announce the launch of the National Strategy for Health Practitioner Pain Management Education

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Last updated 11:49 5.06.2024