ANZCA NSW Regional Committee

The New South Wales (NSW) Regional Committee is an elected body that acts as a conduit between fellows and trainees in the New South Wales region, and the ANZCA Council to which they report. The committee assists with:

  • Implementing college policy
  • Advising ANZCA Council on issues of interest to the college and its fellows and trainees in NSW
  • Representing the college and promoting the specialty in the region
  • Developing and maintaining relationships with key regional stakeholders
  • Training, continuing medical education, and other professional activities at a regional level

The committee oversees:

ANZCA Council and committee calendar

Committee members



Dr Frances Page

Co-chair (S & Q Officer)

Dr Sharon Tivey

Co-chair (CME Officer)

Dr Shanel Cameron

Elected member (Accreditation Co-officer, representative to RACS NSW State Committee and ASA NSW Committee of Management)

Associate Professor Stefan Dieleman

Elected member

Dr Robert Easther

Elected member

Dr Sophie Liang

Elected member

Dr Jessica Lim

Elected member

Dr Veronica Payne

Elected member

Dr Kanan Shah

Elected member

Dr Michael Stone

Elected member (Accreditation Co-officer)

Dr Sally Wharton

Elected member (Education Officer)

Dr Charlotte Wilsey

Elected member

Dr Tanya Selak

Ex officio member (ANZCA Vice President)

Professor Leonie Watterson

Ex officio member

Dr David Milder

New Fellow representative
Dr Sukhi Hegde

Co-chair NSW Trainee Committee/Co-chair ANZCA Trainee Committee

Dr Priya Maheshwari

Co-chair NSW Trainee Committee

Dr David Fahey

Co-opted member (Chair, ANZCA Primary Examination Sub-committee)

Dr Simon Ford

Co-opted member (Regional Representative)

Dr Simon Martel

Chair, ASA NSW Committee of Management

Mr Warren O'Harae

General Manager, Regional Operations / NSW Regional Manager

Annette Strauss

NSW Regional Co-ordinator (committee support)

ANZCA NSW Trainee Committee

Elected annually by NSW trainees, the committee act as a conduit between trainees and fellows, as well as with the ANZCA Council.

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NSW ACE CME Committee

NSW Anaesthetic Continuing Education (ACE) CME Committee

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