ANZCA Council

The ANZCA Council governs the college with the support of the FPM Board and various committees.

Its roles include reviewing and approving the annual strategic plan and budget, and developing and monitoring key performance indicators and other benchmarks.

The council has 15 voting members (or directors) that consists of 13 elected members including the new fellow councillor, the dean of the Faculty of Pain Medicine and one co-opted councillor. The quorum of voting members is eight. Representatives of ANZCA committees and sister organisations, and members of staff also attend council meetings.

ANZCA Council and committee 2024 calendar 



In attendance




Mr Nigel Fidgeon 

Chief Executive Officer


Dr Vanessa Beavis Immediate Past President NZ

Dr Leona Wilson

Executive Director of Professional Affairs


Dr Alec Beresford

Dr Anthony Notaras

Co-chairs, ANZCA Trainee Committee



Dr Graham Roper

Chair, ANZCA New Zealand National Committee


Dr Andrew Miller

​President, Australian Society of Anaesthetists


Dr Morgan Edwards

President, New Zealand Society of Anaesthetists


Dr Sally Langely

President, Royal Australasian College of Surgeons


Dr Rob Bevan

President, College of Intensive Care Medicine


Committees of the ANZCA Council

The ANZCA Council is assisted in achieving its objectives by several committees

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ANZCA regulations

The regulations govern the conduct and management of the College, consistent with the objectives of ANZCA's Constitution. The ANZCA Council is responsible for making, amending and repealing all regulations.

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Strategic plan

The ANZCA Strategic Plan 2023-2025 guides our college-wide business activity. It's the result of comprehensive consultation and engagement within the ANZCA community and beyond. 

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ANZCA Council elections

Information about the ANZCA Council elections 2024 process, including eligibility criteria; how to make a nomination; and how to vote.

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