ANZCA NSW Trainee Committee

Elected annually by NSW trainees, the committee act as a conduit between trainees and fellows, as well as with the ANZCA Council.

Its duties include:

  • Considering matters referred to it by College Council and its committees
  • Providing input to the Education, Training and Assessments Management Committee
  • Considering matter referred to by the Regional/National Trainee Committees, and considering issues relating to education, training and other matters affecting trainees.

Committee members

Name Role
Dr Mark Chemali Chair
Dr Rebecca Lewis Co-Deputy Chair
Dr Benjamin Wan Co-Deputy Chair
Dr Cameron Dunn Member
Dr Katherine Gough Member
Dr Natalie Kent Member
Dr Jason Kong Member
Dr Sophie Liang Member
Dr Anthony Notaras Member
Dr Benjamin Tassie Member
Dr Sarah Wong Member
Dr Simone Young Member
Dr Lukman Anderson ASA Trainee Members Group
Dr Dushyant Iyer ASA Trainee Members Group
Dr Sally Wharton Education Officer, NSW
Mr Warren O'Harae General Manager, Regional Operations/NSW Regional Manager
Ms Tina Lyroid NSW Course Co-ordinator

Committee meeting calendar

College committee members can find details about committee meetings in Networks under the "My Networks and Committees" button.

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