AMC and MCNZ accreditation

ANZCA and FPM are accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) and Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) to deliver our training programs, SIMG assessment process and continuing professional development program. 

We submit yearly reports against the AMC and MCNZ accreditation standards and undergo a full reaccreditation every 10 years.

2022 reaccred​itation

The AMC and MCNZ are reaccrediting ANZCA and FPM in 2022. Full reaccreditation is a multi-stage process with assessment by an AMC-led team with MCNZ representatives. To guide this evaluation, our written submission details how we meet the 10 AMC and MCNZ accreditation standards. The college’s 2022 written submission was shared with the AMC on 12 April 2022.
Following stakeholder consultation (including fellow, SIMG and trainee surveys), site visits and meetings with ANZCA and FPM representatives, the assessment team will deliver a report with their accreditation findings. The AMC and MCNZ then make decisions about ongoing accreditation, including any conditions required to meet the standards, along with quality improvement recommendations. 

Last updated 13:27 24.08.2022