About perioperative medicine

Perioperative medicine emphasises the importance of an integrated, planned, and personalised approach to patient care before, during, and after any surgical procedure involving anaesthesia. 

The goal is to improve the patient experience and outcomes, lower the occurrence of postoperative issues, decrease the number of days spent in the hospital, and minimize readmissions after surgery. We call this approach a "perioperative care model".

In this short animated video, we follow one patient's perioperative journey from contemplation of surgery through to recovery.

The perioperative care model

If you’re very old or very sick, a bit of extra care before and after your operation ensures you’re ready for surgery in the first place and have the best chance of a good recovery once the operation is over. We call this the perioperative care model.

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The perioperative care team

Your perioperative care team will coordinate your care before, during, and after surgery to help you get what you want out of your operation.

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Last updated 14:02 10.10.2023