Patient information

Most of us will need the care of an anaesthetist at some stage in our lives. And one in five of us is living with chronic pain. Australia and New Zealand are two of the safest countries in the world to have surgery under anaesthesia, and patients have access to some of the most advanced pain medicine.

This information has been produced by specialist doctors and reviewed by patient representatives and experts in different areas of anaesthesia and pain medicine.

Please note: This is only a guide and should not replace information supplied by your specialist. If you have any questions about your personal treatment plan, please speak with the specialist doctor who's treating you.

About anaesthesia

Most of us will need the care of an anaesthetist at some stage in our lives. We've created this information to help you feel more relaxed about having surgery under anaesthesia.

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About pain medicine

One in five people in Australia and New Zealand will experience chronic – or persistent – pain at some stage in their lives.

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About perioperative medicine

Perioperative medicine emphasises the importance of an integrated, planned, and personalised approach to patient care before, during, and after any surgical procedure involving anaesthesia.

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Putting patient safety first

Find out what we do to ensure our patients have access to safe, high-quality, culturally competent care whenever and wherever they need it

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Our history and heritage

Explore the history of our college and the history of anaesthesia and pain medicine in Australia and New Zealand, including via the museum and through oral histories.

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