Research grants

Many of the recent advances in anaesthesia, pain medicine and perioperative patient care have involved pioneering ANZCA-funded research conducted by our fellows.

Outcomes from pilot projects we've funded regularly lead to large grants from the Australian government’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) and Medical Research Future Fund (MRFF), and the Health Research Council in New Zealand. This is essential to support large, multi-site randomised clinical trials; required before findings can be implemented to improve clinical practice.

These studies in leading hospitals and universities have been linked to improvements in clinical practice; post-surgical mortality and morbidity complications; disability; and acute and chronic pain in Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

Take a look at what we've achieved; what we fund; and how to apply.

Awarded grants and outcomes

Learn more about important work and research outcomes funded by the ANZCA Foundation.

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Apply for an ANZCA research grant

Every year, we make grant funding available to fellows and trainees who are novice, emerging or established researchers, for studies in anaesthesia, intensive care, pain or perioperative medicine.

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We offer two prestigious anaesthesia professorships. Explore the eligibility criteria, application process, entitlements, and past recipients.

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Academic enhancement grant

The academic enhancement grant aims to foster the advancement of the academic disciplines of anaesthesia and/or pain medicine.

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Project grants

Each year, we fund a wide range of projects in the field of basic scientific research, clinical investigation or epidemiological research.

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Professional practice research grants

We've created a dedicated grant for research in a range of aspects of professional practice, including simulation/education

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Environment and sustainability research grant

We're helping to support research exploring environmental impact of anaesthesia and related products and activities

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ANZCA Patrons emerging investigator grant

We've created a dedicated grant to encourage and support emerging investigators.

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Novice investigator grants

We're helping to secure the future of research in anaesthesia, pain, and perioperative medicine by mentoring and supporting novice investigators on their journey to becoming established researchers.

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Skantha Vallipuram ANZCA research scholarship

The future of research depends on helping emerging investigators transition to established researchers

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How to apply for a CTN Pilot Grant

The ANZCA Clinical Trials Network (CTN) administers the pilot grant scheme which awards up to $A30,000 each year to fellows to undertake pilot or feasibility studies.

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Named ANZCA research awards and grants

Each year a number of honorary named awards are made at the discretion of the ANZCA Research Committee.

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History and Heritage Research Grant

This annual grant program provides up to $A5000 for research and interpretation of the history of anaesthesia and pain medicine.

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Research repository

Our institutional research repository collects, centralises, and promotes the significant amount of important research published by the college’s fellows and trainees.

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Research support hub

Discover the wide range of services and resources that exist to support both established and emerging researchers and co-ordinators, including the research support toolkit (RSTK).

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