We support research in anaesthesia, pain medicine and perioperative medicine to improve patient outcomes through funding and resources, collaboration, and networks. 

We're driving a culture of research and quality improvement through funding and supporting research, academic anaesthesia and researchers across Australia and New Zealand and sustaining our global leadership in high quality research.

Support services and resources include funding grants through the ANZCA Research Committee and ANZCA Research Foundation, the ANZCA Clinical Trials Network, the ANZCA Institutional Research Repository (AIRR), and the Research Support Toolkit.

ANZCA Foundation

The foundation dedicates around $1.5 million to medical research each year; supports our Indigenous health and overseas aid activities; and raises the profile of college-supported research.

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Research grants

Many of the recent advances in anaesthesia, pain medicine and perioperative patient care have involved pioneering ANZCA-funded research conducted by our fellows. Take a look at what we've achieved;...

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ANZCA Clinical Trials Network

We are the leading clinical trials network in anaesthesia, pain and perioperative medicine. We have a clear focus to translate our research findings into practice to improve patient safety and...

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ANZCA Professional Practice Research Network (PPRN)

The purpose of the Professional Practice Research Network (PPRN) is to promote research in professional practice.

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Our approach to research

Learn more about our research, strategy and objectives.

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Survey research

All of our surveys have undergone stringent peer review to ensure they're rigorously designed and written; respect participants' confidentiality; and avoid over-burdening our fellows and trainees.

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Research consultation service

Direct a research-related query or submit a literature search request to ANZCA's dedicated Research Librarian.

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Research support hub

Discover the wide range of services and resources that exist to support both established and emerging researchers and co-ordinators, including the research support toolkit (RSTK).

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Research support toolkit (RSTK)

This in-depth toolkit brings together information resources related to the area of professional research, the research life-cycle and the college resources available to support ANZCA researchers.

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ANZCA Institutional Research Repository

AIRR stores and facilitates discovery of the college's research and publication output.

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