Member satisfaction surveys

We regularly invite our fellows and trainees to provide formal feedback on a range of college activities so we can continue to improve. The results and associated action plans are published here.

We use these surveys to gauge attitudes and perceptions of a broad range of college matters including:

  • The importance of the college’s roles and services to the profession – and how well we are providing them.
  • Overall attitudes towards the college including:
    • Our perceived image.
    • Satisfaction with our annual subscription fee.
    • Our continuing professional development program and events.
    • Trainees' experience of the training program and college services
    • Other services.
  • An optional section on bullying, discrimination, and sexual harassment (BDSH) as well as “you and your wellbeing” including mental health, general health, quality of life and desire to practice medicine.

Results from the surveys help inform our strategic planning for the coming five years.

Last updated 13:53 4.02.2021