FPM Best Free Paper Award

Awarded for original work judged to be the best contribution to the FPM free papers session at the ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting. 

The prize takes the form of a certificate and a grant of $A500 for educational or research purposes and is awarded at the FPM annual general meeting.

Dr Megan Allen was awarded the 2021 Best Free paper for 'Opioid stewardship assessment a multicentre study of post discharge opioid use and handling in surgical patients'.

Eligibility criteria

The session is open to all delegates attending the ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting, of which the FPM Symposium is a satellite meeting. 

Past recipients



Paper title


2021 Dr Megan Allen Opioid stewardship assessment a multicentre study of post discharge opioid use and handling in surgical patients Vic


Dr Sau Ching Stanley Wong

The effect of total intravenous anaesthesia with propofol on postoperative pain after third molar surgery

Hong Kong 


Dr Daniel Chiang

The prevalance and risk factors associated with persistent pain after breast cancer treatment

New Zealand 


Dr Paul Wrigley

New evidence for preserved somatosensory pathways in people with complete spinal cord injury: a fMRI study



Associate Professor Phillip Peyton

Reduction of chronic post-surgical pain with ketamine (ROCKet) pilot trial



Dr Luke Arthur 

60,000+ years and 12 papers: a systematic review of pain assessment, experience
and management in aboriginal Australian peoples.


Dr Sumitra Bakshi

ReSOnS trial - REctus Sheath block for postoperative analgesia in gynaeco-Onco Surgical patients – a double blinded randomized controlled trial


Associate Professor David Champion

Genetic influences and associations of common idiopathic/functional pain syndromes of childhood: Evidence from twin family case-control studies.


Dr Sarika Kumar 

Total and free ropivacaine drug levels during continuous transversus abdominis plane (TAP) block for postoperative analgesia after abdominal surgery: A pilot study.


Dr Allyson Browne

Screening for acute factors that predict pain post trauma: A pilot study.


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