Garry David Phillips Prize

Awarded for outstanding achievement in anaesthesia within the masters of medicine program at the School of Medicine and Health Sciences, University of Papua New Guinea.

The prize, which takes the form of a medal, was established in 2012 to honour the contributions made by Professor Garry David Phillips to the Papua New Guinea anaesthesia community. It replaces the Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists’ Prize – M.Med, Papua New Guinea.


Professor Garry Phillips first spent time in Papua New Guniea (PNG) as a cadet patrol officer or “kiap” at Kikori in the Gulf province during his early 20s. After returning to Australia to study medicine he came back to PNG as an instructor on the country’s first Early Management of Severe Trauma Course in 1993.

Professor Phillips subsequently became the first visiting Professor of Anaesthesia to PNG from 1995 to 2006, supporting the further development of anaesthesia as an emerging specialty and the development of the Anaesthetic Scientific Officer course at the University of Papua New Guinea.

Past recipients



2021 Indira Vele
2020 Hilbert Tovirika


Michelle Masta


Lyanne Painap


not awarded


Isaac Amiki


not awarded


Elizabeth Inaido


Maria Moguna


Jack Puti

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10 Dec 2021

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