Steuart Henderson Award

Awarded to a fellow who has demonstrated excellence andSteuart-Henderson.jpg provided outstanding contribution, scholarship, and mentorship to medical education in the field of anaesthesia and/or pain medicine.

The award is named after Dr Steuart Henderson who was appointed by ANZCA as Director of Professional Affairs – Assessor in November 2007, a position in which he served for the next 8 years. He has served as an ANZCA councillor from 1992 to 2004, working particularly in education and training and as assessor, and served for 12 years as a member of the Panel of Examiners. Between 1986 and 1990 Steuart was the medical director of the Continuing Education Committee of Anaesthetists of New Zealand (CECANZ), establishing a number of initiatives in continuing medical education for New Zealand anaesthetists. He has had a long-standing interest in the applications of simulation to clinical training and continuing professional development and was instrumental in establishing New Zealand’s first simulation-based clinical training centre in 1996. Now retired from medical work, he lives in Martinborough, NZ, where he and his wife have developed an olive grove.

This award is to recognise an individual associated with ANZCA or FPM who has demonstrated excellence and provided outstanding contribution, scholarship, and mentorship to medical education in the fields of anaesthesia and/or pain medicine. The award consists of a medal, certificate and grant of $A1,000 for educational or research purposes and ticketed entry to the ANZCA Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM).

Eligibility criteria

Eligibility for the award is open to practitioners who have demonstrated a significant contribution to medical education (in anaesthesia or pain medicine), including, but not limited to, ANZCA and FPM Fellows and academic experts. 

Consideration will be given as to the nominee’s contribution to education in anaesthesia and/or pain education in the following categories:

  • TEACHING AND LEARNING: Contribution and commitment to teaching and learning activities within the fields of anaesthesia and/or pain medicine.
  • MENTORING AND/OR COACHING IMPACT: Educational influence on trainees, fellows, or organisations.
  • SCHOLARSHIP AND RESOURCE DEVELOPMENT: Examples include contribution to improvements or innovations in medical education in the fields of anaesthesia and/or pain medicine curriculum redesign, assessment review, published medical education projects in peer-reviewed journals and / or books.
  • EDUCATIONAL LEADERSHIP: Activities that constitute leadership and contribute substantially to medical education leadership within anaesthetic and/or pain medicine; for example, representation on a committee related to medical education at ANZCA, University, Hospital, or Professional association.

Nomination process

Nominations will close on November 15.  

Nominations must be in writing and directed to the Chair of the ANZCA Educators Sub-Committee via the Education and Research Unit. ( 

Two people are required to nominate, one of whom must be an ANZCA or FPM fellow. The nomination must include a cover letter explaining the rationale and justification for the nomination, the nomination form and accompanied by the nominee’s curriculum vitae.  

Nominations are valid for a total of three years; the year of nomination and two subsequent years, if the nominee is not successful in the current nomination year.

Nominees will be asked if they wish to be reconsidered in the two subsequent years. Nominees may update their CV, or submit an addendum prior to the closing date of November 15.

Past recipients




2023   Melissa Viney VIC


Joel Symons



Adam Rehak



Damian Castanelli



Kersi Jalejar Taraporewalla



Jennifer Weller



Meredith Craigie


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