Professional Practice Research Network

The Professional Practice Research Network (PPRN) is a subcommittee of the ANZCA Research Committee. Its purpose is to promote research in the professional practice domains of communicator, collaborator, leader and manager, scholar, health advocate and professional in anaesthesia, perioperative and pain medicine.

Similar to the Clinical Trials Network (CTN) subcommittee, it aims to foster excellent research and build networks of researchers. However, the PPRN is more aligned with the social sciences and qualitative research, for example:

  • Exploring the factors influencing practitioner well-being.
  • Investigating the threats and countermeasures to equity in healthcare and in training
  • Examining cognitive processes in clinical reasoning and decision making
  • Studying the development of expertise; understanding and modifying the socio-cultural influences on communication both with patients and with colleagues.
  • Understanding teamwork, leadership and culture in the perioperative environment.
  • Researching human factors, ergonomics and systems design.

Research designs may include qualitative methodologies, simulation, epidemiology or implementation science.

The PPRN will further develop and extend the scope of our support for research in education and simulation, including our formal Education/Simulation Grant and funding of several studies in this area.

The PPRN aims to achieve the following:

  1. Convene an annual meeting for research presentations.
  2. Provide feedback on research proposals and mentoring of new researchers to enhance quality. 
  3. Establish and administer a pilot grant scheme that provides additional support for the development of high-quality studies.
  4. Establish guides to relevant research methods in collaboration with the ANZCA librarian.
  5. Facilitate networks of researchers to promote multicentre studies.
  6. Organise research workshops at the ANZCA annual scientific meeting.
  7. Encourage fellows and trainees to become involved in PPRN activities.

Committee members





Professor Jennifer Weller     



Dr Kara Allen


Member (Communications SIG)

Dr Allan Cyna


Member (Wellbeing SIG)

Dr Gregory Downey


Member (Medical Education SIG)

Professor Kirsty Forrest



Dr Andrew Huang


Member (ANZCA Council)

Associate Professor Stuart Marshall


Member (ANZCA Council and CTN)

Professor David Story


Member (ANZCA Council)

Associate Professor Leonie Watterson  


Member (Exec Director, ANZCA Education and Research) 

Dr Robert O'Brien


Member (General Manager, ANZCA Research Foundation)

Mr Robert Packer


ANZCA President (ex officio)

Dr Vanessa Beavis



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