ANZCA New Zealand National Committee

The New Zealand National Committee (NZNC) is responsible for activities similar to those of the Australian regional committees but also represents the college in dealing with national agencies such as the Ministry of Health and the Medical Council of New Zealand. In this respect, some of its functions mirror those of the ANZCA Council in Melbourne.

The committee advises the ANZCA Council on New Zealand issues, convenes continuing medical education events for Fellows, runs examination preparation courses for trainees and provides a forum for liaison between training hospitals and the college.

Committee members

Name Title

Dr Sally Ure

Chair / Deputy Education Officer

Dr Graham Roper

Deputy Chair / Division of Rural Health Medicine Representative

Dr Rachel Dempsey

Elected member / NZNC representative to NZ Anaesthetic Technicians' Society

Dr Elizabeth Robinson 

NZTC Chair

Dr Jennifer Taylor

Education officer

Dr Brendan Little

Elected member

Dr Chris Harrison

Elected member / Chair of the NZ Vocational Registration Panel

Dr Ralph Fuchs

Elected member

Dr Geoff Laney

Elected member

Dr Leinani Aiono-Le Tagaloa 

Elected member

Dr Tom Fernandez

Elected member / NZNC representative on Aotearoa NZ Anaesthesia Education Commmittee

Dr Vanessa Beavis

Ex-officio / ANZCA President

Dr Nigel Robertson

Ex-officio / ANZCA Councillor

Dr Leesa Morton

New fellows Representative / Te Ora Representative

Dr Duncan Wood

FPM NZNC Representative

Dr Amanda Gimblett

Māori Representative

Dr Lisa Horrell 

TAC Officer

Dr  Sheila Hart

Co-opted observer / President of the NZ Society of Anaesthetists

Dr Andrew Stapleton

Co-opted observer / Chair of the College of Intensive Care Medicine's NZNC

Dr Vaughan Laurenson

In attendance / ANZCA Director of Professional Affairs (Deputy Assessor)

Dr Leona Wilson

In attendance / ANZCA Executive Director of Professional Affairs

Katherine Harris Committee support (non-member)

Committee meeting calendar

College committee members can find details about committee meetings in Networks under the "My Networks and Committees" button.

ANZCA New Zealand Trainee Committee

The New Zealand Trainee Committee (NZTC) advises the NZNC and the ANZCA Council, via the ANZCA Trainee Committee, about training matters in New Zealand that may concern the College.

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