ASM and Events Planning Committee

The Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) and Events Planning Committee reports to the Chief Executive Officer on matters relating to operational decisions in relation to the ANZCA/FPM ASM and other educational events run by ANZCA.

Committee members

Title Name Region
Chair, Director of Professional Affairs ASM Associate Professor Nicole Phillips NSW
Deputy Chair, Councillor and fellow/HCI Dr Michael Jones NSW
Member, New Zealand representative Dr Nav Sidhu NZ
Member, ASM Advisor Dr Bridget Effeney QLD
Member, 2022 ANZCA ASM Convenor Dr Neil Hauser WA
Member, 2023 ANZCA ASM Co-convenor Dr Tanya Selak NSW
Member, 2023 ANZCA ASM Co-convenor Dr Shanel Cameron NSW
Member, ANZCA Clinical Trials Network Executive Associate Professor Stefan Dieleman NSW
Member, FPM Scientific Meetings Committee Dr Noam Winter VIC
Executive Director, Fellowship Affairs Ms Jan Sharrock VIC
Executive Director, Policy and Communications Ms Clea Hincks VIC
Operations Manager, Faculty of Pain Medicine Ms Juliette Whittington VIC
ANZCA Operations Manager - Events Ms Katie Fagan VIC
ANZCA Chief Executive Officer (ex officio) Mr Nigel Fidgeon VIC
ANZCA President (ex officio) Dr Chris Cokis WA
Committee support (non-member) Ms Emily Venturoni VIC
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