Australian and New Zealand Tripartite Anaesthetic Data Committee

The Australian and New Zealand Tripartite Anaesthetic Data Committee (ANZTADC) was established in 2006 by ANZCA, the ASA and the NZSA to develop, coordinate and oversee a project to capture, analyse and disseminate anaesthesia incident data.

A web-based anaesthesia incidence reporting system (webAIRS) has been developed as a bi-national database of anaesthesia related events. There are more than 3800 authorised users at over 200 sites. More than 8000 incidents have been submitted since the webAIRS database was established in 2009.

Title Name Region
Chair (ASA member) Dr Pieter Peach Vic
ANZCA President (ex officio) Dr Chris Cokis WA
ANZCA CEO (ex officio) Mr Nigel Fidgeon Vic
ANZCA Member Dr Ross Scott-Weekly WA
ANZCA Member Dr Anna Steer Vic
ANZCA Member Dr Tim Basevi NSW
ASA President  (ex officio) Dr Mark Sinclair SA
ASA CEO (ex offico) Mr Matthew Fisher NSW
Publications Chair, ANZTADC (ASA member) Dr Yasmin Endlich SA
ASA Member Dr Fergus Davidson NSW
NZSA President  (ex officio) Dr Sheila Hart NZ
NZSA CEO  (ex officio) Ms Kylie McQuellin NZ
NZSA Member Dr Phillip Quinn NZ
Medical Director, ANZTADC Dr Martin Culwick Qld
ANZTADC Coordinator Susan Considine Vic


Last updated 12:22 13.10.2023