Awards Advisory Panel

The Awards Advisory Panel (AAP) adjudicates the annual nominations for the college council awards, in addition to having oversight of the processes and procedures of all awards, to maintain equity, consistency, access and governance standards across the college.

The main objectives of the panel are to:

  • Recognise individual and department achievements, and their contribution in furthering the aims of the college.
  • Promote both professional and community awareness of anaesthesia, perioperative and pain medicine through acknowledging the work of college members.
  • Provide a college-wide approach to reward, recognition and engagement with college members with a focus on acknowledging volunteer participation in college life at all levels and across all regions and countries.

Committee members

Title Name Region
Chair Dr Maryann Turner Vic
Member Dr Moira Westmore WA
Member Dr Graham Roper NZ
Member Dr Priya Maheshwari NSW
Member A/Prof Andrew Gardiner WA
Member A/Prof Geoff Gordon Qld
Member Dr Melissa Viney Vic
Executive Director, Fellowship Affairs Ms Jan Sharrock Vic
Operations Manager, Fellowship Affairs Ms Hannah Sinclair Vic
ANZCA CEO  (ex officio) Mr Nigel Fidgeon Vic
Committee Support Officer Ms Simone Foster Vic


We’re always looking for fellows to join us on the Awards Advisory Panel. For further information email the Membership Services Team.

Last updated 09:41 21.12.2023