ANZCA Council elections

ANZCA Council comprises 12 elected fellows, the dean of the Faculty of Pain Medicine, one new fellow councillor, and any co-opted councillors required to meet the criteria of a complete council.

The elected councillors are appointed for a three-year term, to commence at the ANZCA Annual General Meeting (AGM) in the year they are elected. Councillors can be re-elected for additional terms however may not sit on council for more than 12 years.

2023 ANZCA Council elections

The nomination period and the number of councillor positions available will be announced in the summer ANZCA Bulletin, December ANZCA E-Newsletter and via social media.

Election Nomination period Election date (if required)
ANZCA Council 9 December 2022 – 3 February 2023 20 February 2023 – 20 March 2023

If an election is called, during the pre-poll period, fellows will be reminded to check that their email address is up to date to ensure they receive the ballot to vote. It is preferable to nominate your personal email account, as many hospitals have firewalls.  Please check your details are correct via the MyAnzca Portal or contact For specific queries on ANZCA elections email:

What you need to know

Am I eligible to vote and/or stand for election?

All financial fellows of ANZCA and FPM who meet the conditions outlined in regulation 41 are eligible to stand for election, endorse a candidate's nomination, and vote.
For electoral purposes, honorary fellows are not considered to be members and are therefore ineligible to participate in any aspect of the election process.
If you're considering standing for election, we encourage you to refer to the ANZCA Constitution.

When are the ANZCA Council elections held?

An election will be called if the number of nominated candidates exceeds any available positions, as per section 9 of the ANZCA Constitution and relevant regulations.
The exact timing is determined by the ANZCA Annual General Meeting (AGM), so it will vary slightly from year to year. But voting will generally take place over two weeks in late March or early April.

Can I vote for or stand as a new fellow councillor?

Only fellows who are within three years of admission to ANZCA fellowship by training and examination are eligible to nominate, stand, and vote for the position of new fellow councillor.
Please refer to clauses 8 and 9 of the ANZCA Constitution for more information on this position.

How do I make a nomination?

We will announce the call for nominations in appropriate communications channels, and advise members of the specific criteria that need to be met in order to nominate.

How do I vote?

If an election is called, details and advance notice will be given to all voting fellows. During this pre-poll stage, we encourage members to check that their contact information is up-to-date to ensure they can access the ballot when the time comes.
Fellows will be invited by email to vote for their preferred candidates during a specific period (usually four weeks) in late February.

How does electronic voting work?

We use a secure third party electronic voting service called Election Runner to manage the ANZCA Council elections.
During the polling period (usually four weeks), you will be able to access candidate bios and statements and cast your vote. It's easy to use, and you can vote from any location on any device.

When are the results announced?

Once the ballot has been closed and results are known, all candidates will be contacted immediately by the ANZCA President to advise them of the result.
We will annouce the successful candidates via college communications and
the official announcement and appointments will be made during the next ANZCA  Annual General Meeting.

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