2014 ANZCA and FPM CPD Program

From 1 January 2023, the ANZCA and FPM CPD Program is updating to an annual, hours-based program. We are implementing a staged transition process to move all three CPD trienniums to the updated program and this page includes information and resources for those remaining on the 2014 CPD program during the 2023 transition year.

The 2014 CPD program operates on a three-year cycle, beginning on 1 January of the first year and concluding on 31 December of the last. All participants need to complete a CPD plan at the beginning of their triennium, and an evaluation at the end.​

If you're practising as a specialist anaesthetist or pain medicine physician in Australia or New Zealand, you need to familiarise yourself with the requirements of the 2014 ANZCA and FPM CPD Standard.

In each section, please use the eye icon for details on CPD activities or relevant information. 

Practice evaluation activities

Select Document Download Type
Patient experience survey PDF
Multi-source feedback PDF
Peer review of practice PDF
Clinical audit of own practice or significant input into group audit of practice PDF
Morbidity/mortality meetings PDF
Case discussions/conferencing PDF
Report of clinical audit findings PDF
Review of patient care pathways PDF
Incident reporting/monitoring PDF
Team training scenario within own work environment, with usual work team PDF
Root cause analysis PDF
Hospital inspections/accreditation PDF
Assessor for specialist international medical graduates workplace-based assessment PDF
Medico-legal reports/expert witness PDF
Annual performance appraisal PDF
Cultural safety PDF
Examiner for the ANZCA anaesthesia primary and final and FPM fellowship exams PDF
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Knowledge and skills activities

Select Document Download Type
Lectures, presentations or online learning PDF
Presenting at regional/national/international conferences/meetings PDF
Short course, workshops, problem-based learning discussions and small group discussion PDF
Courses toward a formal qualification PDF
Teaching including preparing and delivery of education session PDF
Workplace-based assessment of trainees, including provision of feedback PDF
Review of ANZCA/FPM Fellows or trainees PDF
Examining, including writing and marking questions PDF
Journal reading PDF
Grant proposals and trials PDF
Reviewer, grant applications or participation in - ethics committee PDF
Publication of a manuscript in a peer reviewed journal or book chapter PDF
Reviewer/editor of journal PDF
Participation in committees PDF
Hospital attachments PDF
Overseas aid work PDF
Trainee assessment - other PDF
Wellbeing CPD education sessions PDF
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Emergency response activities

Select Document Download Type
Management of "can't intubate, can't oxygenate" (CICO) PDF
Management of cardiac arrest PDF
Management of anaphylaxis PDF
Management of major haemorrhage PDF
Management of 'Acute Severe Behavioural Disturbance' (ASBD) in the adult patient PDF
Management of Cardiac arrest for Special Pain Medicine Physicians (SPMP) PDF
Management of COVID-19 airway management education sessions PDF
Management of Central Nervous System oxygen toxicity (CNS-OT) PDF
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CPD requirements for various participants

Select Document Download Type
Faculty of Pain Medicine (FPM) fellows PDF
ANZCA trainees completing provisional fellowship training (PFT) PDF
Retired fellows PDF
Fellows working part-time PDF
Fellows residing outside Australian and New Zealand PDF
Non-ANZCA/non-FPM fellows and specialist international medical graduates (SIMG) PDF
Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (DHM) practitioners PDF
Participation in alternative programs PDF
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Participation in alternative programs

Select Document Download Type
FPM Fellows PDF
Practising overseas PDF
DHM practitioners PDF
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Mandatory Compliance Policy

The Mandatory Compliance Policy defines the requirement for fellows of ANZCA, including FPM specialists, to comply with the standard for CPD set by the college.

CPD Mandatory Requirements Policy
  • 441 kb

Special Consideration Policy

Special consideration can be granted to participants who are unable to meet the minimum CPD requirements due to exceptional circumstances.

CPD Special Consideration Policy
  • 312 kb

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