COVID-19 - Information for CPD participants

This webpage has been created in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the ANZCA and FPM CPD program. Here you will find updates from ANZCA and FPM CPD Committee and team, key resources and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) to provide you with accurate and timely information.

Key resources for CPD participants

This list of CPD activities has been specifically designed to collate CPD activities that can be completed online, remotely or in consideration of COVID-19. 

The ANZCA library has also created COVID-19 clinical resourcesparticularly an Education/CPD guide with exemplar samples, included below or you can visit directly.

Practice evaluation





Cultural competency

2 credits p/h

Online modules available:

  • Explore culturally different expectations for clinical communication/behaviour.
  • Develop strategies for responding effectively when expectations differ between colleagues, patients and their family members/carers.

CPD handbook appendix 20 Cultural competency resources

Case discussions/ conferencing

2 credits p/h

Can be by video conference:

  • Presenting cases of interest at a small group discussion.
  • Planned discussion of at least three (3) participants (may be multi-disciplinary).
  • Purpose of reviewing the management of the patient(s) and determining the best options.

CPD handbook appendix 11 Case discussion/ conferencing guidelines

Team training scenario

2 credits p/h

Can be completed in own work environment with usual work team:

  • Team education/training with the aim of improving patient safety or care.
ANZCA library has created COVID-19 resources Education/CPD guide, with exemplar samples such as COVID-19: 30 min LSCS drill.

Incident reporting/ monitoring

2 credits p/h

Can be recorded online via WebAIRS

  • Preparing an incident report, considering the reasons why the incident took place and actions taken.

Can also be completed through department, hospital/practice or a web-based incident reporting system.

Introductory page for COVID-19 related incidents
in WebAIRS

Knowledge and skills





Learning sessions  

1 credit p/h

Online learning - including podcasts and webinars:

Organised/ provided   by   ANZCA or   FPM, a Special Interest Group, professional medical organisation, healthcare institution, or research/ educational body.

Online resources available on the Networks platform, under personal and professional learning.
Also under Pain medicine learning, particularly for Better Pain Management.  
Library guides, particularly the professional development hub.
COVID-19 resources Education/CPD guide includes exemplar samples such as COVID-19 Lung Ultrasound Training.

Journal reading

1 credit p/h

Reading of peer reviewed journals independently or as part of a journal club.

COVID-19 clinical resources compiled by the ANZCA Library.

Emergency response





COVID-19 airway management (New)

1 activity

New COVID-19 airway management standard relating to airway management and essential use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
Now available in your CPD portfolio.
No recognition of suitability application process is required. Use the recognition code (ER-20-COVAIR-123) when claiming this activity in your CPD portfolio. 

CPD Emergency response standard COVID-19 airway management
Recognises the hospital departments and private practice groups’ workshops/ training/ education sessions being conducted to satisfy local needs.


1 activity

ANZCA Networks platform
Perioperative Anaphylaxis Response Course 
Recognition code: ER-19-AN-064

Perioperative Anaphylaxis Response eLearning Course

Major haemorrhage

1 activity

Bloodsafe eLearning Australia
Critical bleeding 
Recognition code: ER-19-MH-016

Bloodsafe eLearning Australia – critical bleeding

Major haemorrhage

1 activity

Bloodsafe eLearning Australia
Postpartum Haemorrhage
Recognition code: ER-19-MH-015

Bloodsafe eLearning Australia – postpartum haemorrhage

FAQ - COVID-19 impact on CPD

These FAQs and resources will be updated as further information becomes available.

The 2020 ASM and CME events are being cancelled, what else can I do to gain CPD credits?

We have generated a list of CPD activities tailored around the cancellation of events and restrictions imposed by COVID-19, please review list above or visit ANZCA library COVID-19 resources Education/CPD guide.

The list includes where to access online emergency response activities, practice evaluation activities to complete remotely and quicklinks to knowledge and skills resources.

We will continue to update and evaluate this list to best support members and their needs. Additions/suggestions are welcomed, please email the CPD Team.

Where can I find specific content on COVID-19?

Our president and education unit sends regular emails and the college regularly posts updates to the website.  In addition, the ANZCA Library has established clinical resources useful for airway management and infection control, accessible by clicking here.  For exemplar samples visit the COVID-19 resources Education/CPD guide.

Great, there is a new COVID-19 Emergency response (ER) standard, how does it work?

The college recognised the need for a new CPD Emergency response standard COVID-19 airway management.  It relates to airway management and essential use of personal protective equipment (PPE) in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
It is now available as an emergency response activity in your CPD portfolio.
In an effort to minimise paperwork, no recognition of suitability application process is required.
The recognition code to use (ER-20-COVAIR-123) will appear when you add this activity in your CPD portfolio. 
Hospital departments and private practice groups are encouraged to develop education sessions that satisfy local needs, incorporating local staff, work environment and equipment. The adaptive skills needed to limit the spread of the disease have required additional education, thus, a specialised emergency response.
This standard is for an initial 12 months, with a review expected in 2021. Revisions may occur during this time in relation to the evolving pandemic.
Please contact the CPD team if you have any further enquiries.

Why have I not received credits for ER COVID-19 airway management?

Emergency response activities do not accrue credits, they have their own CPD requirement - a mandated minimum of 2 per triennium for the clinical practice type. 

For non-clinical and non-interventional practice types, and/or you prefer to receive credits for time spent attending, you may claim this under Knowledge and skills activity Short courses, or Practice evaluation activity Team training if it was with your usual theatre team.  Please refer to the CPD hanbdook for more details.

What is going to happen to my CPD requirements, particularly for 2020?

Following detailed and considered discussions, the ANZCA and FPM CPD committee have decided no changes will be made to annual or triennial CPD requirements for 2020. 
We encourage CPD participants to continue updating their CPD portfolios, and utilising the college’s online resources, list above. Please reach out to the CPD team if you require further information or assistance.
Please note: There will be no selection for verification of CPD activities (audit) in 2020.  You can find further details below under the FAQ ‘Will the college be running a verification of CPD activities selection (audit) for 2020?’

I’m an ANZCA Provisional fellowship trainee (PFT) how does COVID-19 affect my CPD?

For information that directly relates to your training we recommend you visit the information for trainee section of the website.

Extracted from COVID-19 advice to trainees (24 March 2020)

ANZCA requirement Potential risk ANZCA position

Continuing professional development (CPD) credit requirement (provisional fellowship training)

Limited opportunities due to cancellation of events and lack of time/illness

ANZCA recommends that individuals undertake activities that can be completed individually (for example, journal reading).

If quarantined or isolated and well enough, trainees are encouraged to complete CPD activities.

ANZCA is producing a list of resources that may assist in the completion of CPD. This includes COVID-19 related training such as donning and doffing PPE. 

How can I get clarification on unique COVID-19 training or workshops that I’m doing?

We appreciate the clinical environment is evolving with the demands to the COVID-19 pandemic. If you have completed COVID-19 specific workshops, training, courses, or changes to enhance your professional development (including facilitating) and require clarification on where to claim it under the CPD framework, please contact the CPD team or consult the list below of already clarified enquiries.

Upskilling to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
You may consider the Practice evaluation activity -Team Training provided this is within your usual work team. Alternatively, it may fall under Practice evaluation activity Review of patient care pathways. 

2020 ASM poster presentation
Although the 2020 Annual Scientific Meeting (ASM) has been cancelled, if you had submitted a poster presentation and had this accepted, you may still claim credits under Knowledge and skills activity Presenting, as you have still completed the preparation and presented to a colleague/supervisor.

​Facilitating ER COVID-19 airway management sessions
If this involves your usual theatre team, then it could fall under the Practice evaluation activity Team training. Alternatively, if the session was conducted as a workshop, then it will likely fall under the Knowledge and skills activity Presenting.

Please refer to the CPD handbook for full descriptions of each activity to determine the most suitable.

Will the college be running a verification of CPD activities selection (audit) for 2020?

The CPD committee have monitored the ongoing affect the COVID-19 pandemic is having on our members. In light of this, ANZCA Council have approved the cancellation of 2020 verification of CPD activities selection.
We understand that this year brings new challenges and concerns with the uncertainty of the pandemic and what the future may bring. Our focus has, and will continue to be on supporting our members. The decision to forego the 2020 verification (audit) aids all CPD participants and maintains alignment with the regulatory bodies (MBA/MCNZ).
We acknowledge the hard work CPD participants are continuing to dedicate toward completing their CPD requirements/portfolios, and we encourage you to maintain this standard. For more information, please view the news item - No 2020 CPD verification update.
Please note: Although there will be no 2020 verification selection, there are no changes to annual or triennial CPD requirements.

Can we run/attend all emergency response workshops online/virtually given the current pandemic restrictions?

Yes, there is temporary flexibility (for up to 12 months or until September 30 2021) to run virtual/online education sessions specifically for the hands-on objectives under the Can’t Intubate, Can’t Oxygenate (CICO), Cardiac arrest and Cardiac arrest Specialist Pain Medicine Physicians Emergency response standards. The other CPD Emergency response standards do not require hands-on learning objectives. Full details in our news item, update on CPD emergency response standards.
To gain recognition of suitability from the college course providers/facilitators must complete an emergency response declaration form or new application form to acknowledge a change of delivery. Information and forms available on our CPD Emergency response webpage.
We recommend CPD participants check their course provider/facilitator has an updated recognition of suitability code before enrolling in this format of emergency response workshops/courses.

Can’t find the answer to your query here?

We’re doing our best to keep you updated, and appreciate the rapid pace of information. If you can’t find your answer here, please email the CPD team. We’ll aim to respond to your email promptly and update the FAQ’s as the pandemic evolves.


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