I am an ANZCA provisional fellow

Participation in the ANZCA and FPM CPD Program is part of your training requirements. This is because the program prepares you for specialist practice, so makes your transition to being a specialist anaesthetist (FANZCA) easier.

As a ANZCA provisional fellow, you need to complete at least 50 hours of CPD. You can choose which activities you record to make up these hours.

CPD activities

Category 1 Practice evaluation - Reviewing performance

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CPD handbook

Category 1 Practice evaluation - Measuring outcomes

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CPD handbook

Category 2 Knowledge and skills

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CPD handbook

Category 3 Emergency response

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CPD handbook

Cultural safety

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Activity guide

CPD transition process for ANZCA provisional fellowsip trainees 

During 2023, the ANZCA and FPM CPD Program is transiting from three active CPD trienniums to an annual program for everyone. Full details for current fellows and other CPD participants are available here

The below table has been designed to support ANZCA provisional fellows' transition process.

ANZCA provisional fellows yet to become a FANZCA




New CPD program announced

Transition year

Annual CPD program

On achieving FANZCA the provisional fellow joins the 2022 – 2024 triennium, and will transition with this cohort on 31 December 2023 with reduced triennial requirements.

On achieving FANZCA the provisional fellow joins the new annual 2023 CPD program.

All provisional fellows' first trienniums completed.
All new FANZCAs start an annual cycle, with CPD hours from provisional fellowship training going towards the first CPD cycle.
Any provisional fellows in extended training from the 2014 CPD program will be supported by the CPD Lead with mapping credits to hours.

Provisional fellow who has become a FANZCA and is in their first triennium

Refer to the 2023 ANZCA and FPM CPD program website for fellows and other CPD participants' transition arrangements.
As you've become a FANZCA and have started your CPD cycle, you will be accounted for in communication to CPD participants regarding the transition to the annual program. This includes any provisional fellows who achieved fellowship in 2022. 


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