CPD review project group

Undertaking work from October 2021 - December 2023, the CPD review project group aimed to formally evaluate the 2014 ANZCA and FPM CPD Program and implement the new requirements of the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) revised registration standard (effective 1 January 2023) and the Medical Council of New Zealand (MCNZ) updated recertification documents (effective 1 July 2022). 

Project activities

The project took place across two phases, with activities further outlined below:

Phase one (October 2021 - January 2023)

Phase one focused on updating the ANZCA and FPM CPD Program to ensure fellows and other CPD participants continued to meet MBA and MCNZ requirements.

Under phase one, CPD review project group memebrs:

  • Evaluated the existing CPD program and the wider CPD landscape. 
  • Developed and consulted on a Determining the updated CPD framework report. 
  • Proposed updates to the CPD program requirements.
  • Developed a staged transition process to move all 6,600+ fellows and other CPD participants to the updated requirements.
  • Refreshed all CPD materials to reflect the updated requirements.

For more information, please see the Bulletin articles: 

Annual program launch and transition year begins (1 January 2023)

The 2023 ANZCA and FPM CPD Program launched on 1 January 2023, with 3561 fellows and other CPD participants moving to the updated annual program.

The college and the MBA treated 2023 as a “ CPD transition year", meaning neither carried out an audit.

Phase two (January 2023 - January 2024)

Phase two focuses on further updating the CPD program to better meet fellows and other CPD participants’ needs. Activities include:

  • Reviewing the Emergency response category criteria and developing criteria for the Practice evaluation and Knowledge & skills categories.
  • Considering recognition processes for externally produced education resources and other specialist medical college CPD programs.
  • Developing new CPD activities and reviewing existing CPD activities for currency.
  • Establishing two reference groups to ensure the CPD program meets fellows and other CPD participants’ diverse needs.

 For more information, please see the Bulletin articles: 

​CPD-RPG membership



Dr Debra Devonshire

CPD Committee Chair, ANZCA Councillor

Dr Stephanie Oak

FPM representative, FPM Board member

Dr Jee Young Kim

EDEC representative

Dr Kerry Gunn

CPD Committee member, NZ representative

Dr Sarah Green

CPD Committee member, Aus representative

Dr Jacob Koshy

Rural/Remote hospital practice representative

Dr Stuart Paterson

Trainee/PFT representative

Dr Viviane Dubosq

Non-fellow representative

Dr Lindy Roberts

Education, DPA

Ms Nadja Kaye

CPD Lead

Ms Katy Elliott 

Project Lead/Education standards and projects officer

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