CPD review project group

The ANZCA and FPM Continuing Professional Development (CPD) committee has formed a CPD review project group (CPD-RPG) to support the review of our CPD program and standard.

As part of our commitment to transparent and open communication, we've created this page for updates and key information. 

Aims and objectives

The aim of the CPD-RPG is to review the current program, which has been in place since 2014. Recommendations will align with the Medical Board of Australia’s (MBA) Professional Performance Framework and revised CPD registration standard with an effective date of 1 January 2023, as well as the Medical Council New Zealand’s (MCNZ) recertification documents. Full details on our approach are in our ANZCA Bulletin spring 2021 article - New CPD standard: Our approach.

Project updates

Read recent news items about the CPD-RPG including detailed information about the current project stage: 

Commence project group

In December 2021 we communciated that a new project group had commenced to review the ANZCA and FPM CPD program. Group members Dr Debra Devonshire and Dr Stephanie Oak outline their involvement with CPD and share their insights into the CPD review project, for full details click here

Determine scope and evaluate current CPD program

The first stage of the new CPD review project plan was finalised in February 2022, with details about determining the project scope and evaluating the current CPD program available here

Determining the updated CPD Framework

The second stage of the new CPD review project plan is underway with the project group meeting in late March 2022 to discuss the initial Determine the CPD Framework report, details available here.

Consultation on updated CPD framework

The CPD review project group continues to determine an updated CPD framework. At the latest review project group meeting in May 2022, members were advised on the Determining the updated CPD framework report consultation and considered a single proposal for the updated CPD framework. More details are available here

Transition and implementation planning

The project group have proposed an updated CPD framework which is now awaiting ANZCA Council’s approval.

At the latest meeting in July 2022, the project group discussed work to embed cultural safety and a focus on health equity into the CPD program, as well as planning for the next stages of the project – transition and implementation. More details are available here

2023 CPD program announcement

ANZCA Council approved updated CPD requirements recommended by the CPD review project group and CPD Committee in late July. Find out more about the updated requirements here

Planned communications

Following the 2023 CPD program announcement, the CPD-RPG are planning communications to aid understanding of the updated program and support fellows and CPD participants with various scopes of practice to meet the requirements. Read about the planned communications and other updates following the latest CPD-RPG meeting here

Transition support: Standard, polices and webinars

CPD-RPG members have updated the CPD standard, Mandatory compliance policy and Special consideration policy to reflect the revised regulatory guidelines and updated ANZCA and FPM CPD Program requirements. 

The group also held webinars for fellows and other CPD participants in Australia and New Zealand to hear how they can meet the updated CPD requirements. 

More information and other updates following the latest CPD-RPG meeting is here

CPD webinars recordings now available

In November 2022, CPD review project group and CPD Committee members held webinars for fellows and other CPD participants in Australia and New Zealand, plus those who practice without direct patient care with recordings available here.

Phase one of the CPD review project now complete

Our website has now been updated to reflect the new annual 2023 ANZCA and FPM CPD program, with full details available here. 

CPD review project now in phase two

Following the updated CPD program launch on 1 January 2023, the ANZCA and FPM CPD review project is now in phase two. The latest update includes 2023 project plans and a call for fellow and other CPD participant feedback. 

Seeking your feedback: CPD activities

To ensure the CPD program is enhanced to meet members' needs, we are seeking your feedback on CPD activities. Access the 5 minute survey (open until 9 May 2023) here

​CPD-RPG membership

The CPD-RPG membership reflects the diversity of CPD participants, with all participant types represented. The need for private practice representation was particularly considered, with four of nine members able to provide representation for this scope. Confirmation of the group terms of reference (scope and membership) has now been finalised with the CPD-RPG comprising:



Dr Debra Devonshire

CPD Committee Chair, ANZCA Councillor

Dr Stephanie Oak

FPM representative, FPM Board member

Dr Jee Young Kim

EDEC representative

Dr Kerry Gunn

CPD Committee member, NZ representative

Dr Sarah Green

CPD Committee member, Aus representative

Dr Jacob Koshy

Rural/Remote hospital practice representative

Dr Stuart Paterson

Trainee/PFT representative

Dr Viviane Dubosq

Non-fellow representative

Dr Lindy Roberts

Education, DPA

Ms Nadja Kaye

CPD Lead

Ms Katy Elliott 

Project Lead/Education standards and projects officer

How can I get involved?

We will be forming a reference groups and welcome any fellows or CPD participants interested in joining to indicate their interest via email.
We hope you find this informative, as we recognise the CPD program review impacts not only our 6600+ fellows and other CPD participants but also the wider Australian and New Zealand medical community. We are committed to maintaining transparent communication and will provide regular updates on this page, as well as our college publications and website news items.

Please contact the CPD team with queries regarding the CPD program or the review project group.

Last updated 14:15 28.04.2023