Frequently asked questions

We've collated answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) from CPD participants.

These include the essentials for your CPD portfolio, recognised emergency response courses/workshops, information for retiring fellows, what to do if your selected for annual verification and much more.

CPD Portfolio

How do I access the online CPD portfolio?

Direct access is available through or via quick links above. Your college ID number and password can be used across all college resources.

Is there a CPD app I can download?

The CPD Portfolio is a web based application that will change visual display based on the device you use to access it. There is no CPD app, but you may be able to create a shortcut depending on whether the device you are using has this capability.

What are pending activities?

We enter some activities automatically into your pending folder, including:

You'll find these activities awaiting your confirmation. You aren't required to upload evidence for these activities, so we no longer routinely provide certificates of attendance. Please contact us if you do require a certificate for other purposes.

Do I need to upload evidence for my CPD activities?

Uploading evidence to your CPD activities is optional, however, we do recommend uploading evidence as you enter each activity as it may save you time in the long run should you be selected as part of our annual verification of CPD activities selection, or as part of an external audit process.

Please note:  Due to the cancellation of the 2020 verification of CPD activities selection (audit), evidence is not required for any 2020 activities.

What category do I add an activity under?

A detailed list of all current activities can be found in the CPD handbook. These will provide an activity description and, where possible, guidelines on what credits may be received and what evidence is required when entering in your portfolio. If you're still unsure which category an activity falls under, please contact us for assistance.

Why does my statement of participation have an ‘x’ next to it?

Your statement of participation is an annual statement confirming the minimum credit requirements for that specific year has been met. The 'x' means the annual requirement for this specific year hasn't been entered.

To view the amount of credits you have entered for a previous year, simply login to your CPD portfolio and click the ‘Prev’ tab located on the right of the screen under annual progress. This will display what has been recorded and the amount of credits remaining. Once recorded the 'x' will turn into a tick and you will be able to access your statement. 

Is my web browser compatible?

The CPD Portfolio has been tested and is compatible with many types and version of web browsers and online devices. However, not all browsers and versions will fully support the CPD Portfolios functions.

If you are using a browser or browser version and are experiencing difficulties with the portfolio, for example; you may not be able to save your activities or entries for your plan and/or evaluation, please attempt to access the portfolio on a difference device or browser. If problems persist please contact the CPD team.

I am new to the CPD portfolio, is there any guidance available?

Yes!  The CPD team have created a CPD portfolio support document to help while you become more familiar with our CPD program and it’s requirements.  This document provides a breakdown of each requirement, a triennium checklist and other useful information and resources.

How can I access a record of my previous CPD trienniums?

The CPD portfolio contains a record of all previous trienniums, including a copy of certificates of compliance and annual participation, along with a statement summary with your plan and evaluation, and a list of all activities entered. You can access these records via the Statements and certificates section of your portfolio.

How can I access a record of my current CPD trienniums?

These can be accessed via the portfolio dashboard (located toward the bottom of the screen under Milestones), or via the Statements and Certificates section of the CPD Portfolio

In order to gain access to a statement of participation, you must ensure you have completed your CPD Plan and met the minimum credit requirements for that specific year.

The certificate of compliance will become accessible to you toward the end of your triennium once you have met all of the triennial requirements.

Other topics

Recognised emergency response workshops

Our Emergency response page lists all of the currently recognised emergency response workshops and recognition codes, as well as online workshops, such as the Bloodsafe e-Learning workshops, and our very own anaphylaxis workshop.

Appendices for patient experience survey, MsF and peer review

You are welcome to utilise the college appendices, or if you would prefer, you may create your own version that is more specific to your practice type. Please ensure that it is still in line with our CPD standards.

CPD requirements for PFTs

As a provisional fellow, you are required to complete 60 credits worth of CPD activities by the conclusion of the minimum 52 weeks PFT. These may consist of Practice evaluation and/or Knowledge and skills activities. Provisional fellows are not required to complete the mandatory practice evaluation activities or the emergency response activities, however, they are required to complete their CPD plan. Please note: Additional CPD credits on the same pro-rata basis will be required for time spent in extended training.

"Retired" or "working in a non-clinical role"?

Participants who have now retired and/or are not currently involved in direct patient care, may apply to have their practice type transferred from clinical to non-clinical. If you are still assessing patients and/or writing prescriptions, you do not meet the non-clinical requirements as this is still classed as direct patient care. You will be required to advise AHPRA/MCNZ of these changes. Further details can be found on our CPD requirements page.

What if I can't complete the CPD requirements?

If you're unable to meet the minimum CPD requirements due to exceptional circumstances, you may apply for special consideration. The ANZCA and FPM CPD Committee Chair and/or FPM CPD Officer, as relevant, will assess all such applications. 

Special consideration is generally looked at when extended leave from practice has occurred, this could be for such reasons as a serious illness, loss or bereavement or parental leave. Depending on the circumstances, there could be the possibility of an extension to complete any outstanding CPD requirements, or you may have your remaining requirements signed off.

Please ensure your CPD portfolio has been updated to reflect all completed activities, and that you provide as much information as possible to better assist with the decision. It is preferred that these requests are sent toward the end of a triennium, that way there is a clearer representation of what has not yet been completed.

Special consideration requests are to be emailed to If your leave from practice exceeded 52 weeks, please also review the Return to anaesthesia practice page.

Selected for annual verification?

If you've been selected as part of our random annual verification of CPD activities selection, you are required to ensure your CPD requirements are up to date, your CPD Plan has been fully completed, all required evidence has been uploaded to your saved activities, and that your Triennial evaluation has been fully completed if you are in your final year.

As this is an automated random selection, it is possible that you may be selected multiple years running, please let us know if you feel you have been selected multiple consecutive years and we can bring this to the attention of the CPD Committee Chair for consideration.

Participants will be notified from September of the relevant year if their records will be subject to verification. The verification will begin in January of the following year and will continue for approximately three months. 

To ensure timely verification, please ensure you have your portfolio up to date by December 31, you will be notified once we have completed our checks or if we require anything further.

Please note: There is no submit button, the CPD team are able to access your portfolio directly.

QP and PQAA - General

ANZCA and FPM CPD program activities are formative, participatory exercises; they are not summative events with a pass/fail outcome.

All information regarding performance of participants (including ER activities) in the CPD program is confidential and must not be disclosed to a third party without the express written permission of the participant.

The extent of recording of details or notes containing outcomes or reflective information from completed professional development activities in the portfolio, is up to individual participants in the program.

In collecting and using any information, it is the participant’s responsibility to ensure that all privacy obligations are met and any necessary consent is obtained. Participants must ensure that their institutional privacy statement is followed and that any patient/individual has consented as per the hospital or private practice policy.

For activities in the program that relate to individual practice, the CPD program requires evidence of participation only, using the forms provided in the CPD portfolio. It does not require any record of performance or feedback from facilitators, peer reviewers or course directors.

Responses to questions in the CPD plan and triennial evaluation are not protected in Australia or New Zealand.

If you have any further queries about the CPD program's qualified privilege (QP) or protected quality assurance activity (PQAA) please contact the CPD team.

QP (Australia)

The Federal Department of Health currently grants Commonwealth Qualified Privilege (QP) to the following four Practice Evaluation activities: Patient experience survey, Multi-source feedback, Peer review of practice, Clinical audit of own practice or significant input into group audit of practice.

Please note that other Practice Evaluation activities and the entire Emergency Response category are no longer covered under QP.

The new QP cover reflects a tightening of the regulations around granting such cover at the Department of Health.

Full details of the declaration and explanatory statement can be found here.

PQAA (New Zealand)

Participants in New Zealand should be aware that under section 54 of the Health Practitioner Competence Assurance Act 2003, the Minister of Health can grant protection of a quality assurance activity.

The practice evaluation and emergency responses categories of the CPD program are currently registered as a Protected Quality Assurance Activity (PQAA).

I am unable to attend face to face lectures/workshops due to COVID restrictions

We appreicate the COVID-19 pandemic and restrictions has altered many channels for obtanining CPD requirements. Please view our COVID-19 information for CPD participant’s webpage, where you will find an assortment of online resources and answers to COVID related frequently asked questions.

I am unable to complete my triennium, is there any assistance available?

Participants who are unable to meet the minimum CPD requirements due to exceptional circumstances may apply for special consideration.
The CPD Committee chair will assess all such applications. Enquiries regarding special consideration should be made as early as possible within the triennium, to provide guidance and assistance before the end of the triennium.

Applications for special consideration should be made before the end of the relevant triennium. Examples of the circumstances that may be considered are: serious illness, loss or bereavement, extended leave of absence from professional duties (e.g. parental leave and other leave).

Special consideration is considered on a case-by-case basis and, if approved, may lead to the minimum requirements being adjusted for the applicable triennium.

Advice and guidance can be provided to assist with maximising credits. Applications for special consideration are to be made in writing, or via email to, and will be held in the strictest of confidence.

I have heard the Medical Board of Australia (MBA) released a new CPD registration standard.

Indeed, the MBA have released a revised continuing professional development (CPD) registration standard effective from 1 January 2023.
While many of the changes are already in our current CPD program, we highly recommend viewing this document and referring to our news item. A speicfic CPD review project group has been estbalished to assess the needs for our CPD program and will communicate if any changes are required in 2022. 

Further information

Got a question we haven't covered off in the FAQs? Our CPD team's on hand to help.

Call: +61 (0)3 9510 6299
Hours: 9am-5pm AEST/AEDT, Monday-Friday (excluding public and college holidays).

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