DHM accredited training sites

Training time towards the ANZCA diploma of advanced diving and hyperbaric medicine (Dip Adv DHM) must be completed at a suitable diving and hyperbaric medicine (DHM) facility.

The accreditation process of ANZCA DHM facilities is overseen by the DHM Sub-Committee, using a five-year accreditation cycle. The DHM Sub-Committee assesses the facility's ability to provide training and supervision to the required standard.

DHM facilities are accredited for a maximum of either 22 or 44 weeks full-time equivalent of training time. Accreditation applies to the facility and does not specify the number of trainees that can work in the facility, unless this is limited by supervisory capacity

The standards for ANZCA-accreditation are detailed in the Handbook for Advanced Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine Accreditation.

Applying for accreditation

DHM facilities wishing to apply for accreditation of the diploma should obtain and complete the accreditation data form. The completed form should be submitted to dhm@anzca.edu.au.

There are two application periods per annum with closing dates in February and October. Applications will be reviewed at the following DHM Sub-Committee meeting.

Find an ANZCA-accredited training site

Training site

Supervisor of training


Department of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine

Prince Of Wales Hospital

Prof Michael Bennett

Dr Jan Lehm

Department of Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine

Royal Hobart Hospital

Clinical Prof David Smart

Clinical Prof David Smart

Diving and Hyperbaric Unit

The Alfred Hospital

Dr Ian Miller

Dr Andrew Fock

Hyperbaric Medicine Unit

Fiona Stanley Fremantle Hospitals Group

Dr Ian Gawthrope

Dr Neil Banham

Hyperbaric Medicine Unit

The Townsville Hospital

Dr Chris Butler

Dr Chris Jelliffe

Hyperbaric Medicine Service

Royal Brisbane and Women’s Hospital

Dr Susannah Sherlock

Dr Kenneth Thistlethwaite
Dr Robert Webb


Each unit must have at least one supervisor of training. Use this form to nominate new supervisors.

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