ANZCA Educators Program

Learn to teach with our modular practical teaching course. It's available to all fellows, trainees (excluding introductory trainees) and specialist international medical graduates, with course modules being delivered throughout the year in major centres around Australia and New Zealand.

Learning to teach


The program consists of two core and nine additional modules. You can personalise your program by selecting modules based on your own learning needs and interests. You can also choose to complete an assessment to complete the program.

Planning effective teaching and learning (core module)

The focus of this module is on educator roles and responsibilities, adult learning principles and the core elements necessary to effectively facilitate learning (teaching).

Facilitating learning in the clinical setting (core module)

The operating theatre and related clinical settings are a rich learning environment, this module explores ways to approach teaching using various tools and considerations to overcome the challenges to promote effective learning.

Interactive learning and teaching

This module is an interactive journey where participants engage in a variety of ways to work with small groups to facilitate learning.

Teaching practical skills

In this module you will discuss a model and principles for teaching practical skills and apply these in teaching a practical skill.

Clinical supervision

Consider frameworks for thinking about clinical supervision and use hypothetical case scenarios to generate discussion around appropriate levels of supervision with varying context.

Feedback to enhance learning

Explores the role of feedback to enhance learning and introduces two models to think about a learner centred approach to the learning conversation.

Authentic assessment

Considers the purpose of assessment, outlines the general principles and engage with workplace based assessment concepts.

Concepts in assessment

Describe key concepts used in assessment and design valid and reliable multiple choice questions (MCQs) and mock viva examinations.

Organisation of education in departments

Identify the potential education stakeholders in your department, evaluate individual stakeholder’s educational needs and consider a model to develop departmental education.

Supporting trainees

Identify features exhibited by trainees experiencing difficulty and develop strategies for assisting a trainee experiencing difficulty to guide development.

Technology in teaching and learning

Review various e-learning tools and virtual learning environments available to support learning and teaching.

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Course delivery

The program is delivered by fellows, and ANZCA’s Learning and Development Facilitator, Maurice Hennessy. We're offering this course to fellows and trainees at a heavily subsidised rate to give as many of you as possible the opportunity to participate, and the trainee rate remains at 50% of the full rate. 

COVID-19 vaccination
The ANZCA Educators Program (AEP) is committed to participant health and safety. 

ANZCA is dedicated to adhering to local, state and federal policies and restrictions in relation to COVID-19.

Anyone attending the AEP is required to show proof of vaccination status in line with local government advice applicable at the time (minimum 2 vaccine doses). All delegates, staff, facilitators, participants and visitors will be required to provide proof vaccination on entry.

This measure protects our colleagues, contributors, visitors, participants and staff as we work to ensure a COVID-safe meeting.

Inform in advance, if you have vaccine exemption documentation. You are asked not to attend if you feel unwell.

Acceptable proof of vaccination status includes:

  • COVID-19 Digital Certificate.
  • Official Australian or New Zealand Immunisation Register certificate.
  • Printed COVID-19 Vaccination Certificate issued by Medicare.
  • Medical exemption with valid, original letter signed and issued by a specified medical practitioner class ID.

Possible further requirements

Depending on local restrictions and regulations, it is anticipated that the following may be applicable to delegates attending in-person:

  • ​Maintaining 1.5 metre social distancing throughout the day.
  • Sanitising regularly throughout the day (especially when changing rooms and before and after eating and drinking).
  • Wearing of a fitted mask.

Cancellation policy

ANZCA may be required to cancel a course at any time in order to adhere to any sudden changes in local restrictions.

If participants are unable to attend due to a direct result of government restrictions in place due to COVID-19, they are able to transfer to another course in the same calendar year or request a refund.

Refund for cancellation of registration will be made and are subject to the following deadlines and administrative charges:


Cancellation Date

Administrative Charge

At least two (2) months prior to the event start date

Refund issued less cancellation fee equal to 10% (excluding GST) of the registration fee paid

Between two (2) months and two (2) weeks prior to the event start date

Refund issued less cancellation fee equal to 50% (excluding GST) of the registration fee paid

(See Note 1)

Less than two (2) weeks prior to the event start date

No refund issued (See Notes 1 & 2)


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Scholar role activity exemption

Trainees who complete five specific ANZCA Educator Program modules and undertake the post-course activity will get credit towards the scholar role activities modules “teach a skill” and “facilitate a group discussion/running a tutorial”.

The five modules are:

  1. Planning effective teaching and learning.
  2. Facilitating learning in the clinical setting.
  3. Feedback to enhance learning.
  4. Teaching a practical skill.
  5. Interactive learning and teaching.

The training portfolio system will be updated directly by the ANZCA training team after the AEP requirements are completed and doesn’t require DSRT approval. Further details can be found in on page 41 of the ANZCA Handbook for Training

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