COVID-19 - potential impacts to pain medicine training

We understand that the COVID-19 pandemic continues to have a considerable impact on training activities. 

The guidance provided in the table below will be reviewed and updated as the situation requires. 



If training units close or decrease their workload then:          
  • The supervisor of training (SOT) and the trainee need to inform the faculty. If clinic workload decreases, the degree by which it is decreased should be recorded and the faculty notified. 

  • ​Trainees must maintain a weekly log book of their pain medicine-related clinical and non-clinical time. SOTs will need to verify this and the log book needs to be submitted with each in-training assessment for the faculty to approve the accrued experience. 

  • Telehealth can be accrued towards pain medicine training. 

  • Applications for variations in training and exceptions will be considered by the faculty

  • Local long cases can go ahead if the unit feels it is appropriate and local COVID-19 guidance is followed.

  • The external long case assessment can run regionally provided that the units comply with the COVID-19 guidelines.
  • ​Trainees who have less than 3 months training remaining and have completed the Fellowship Examination and have submitted their clinical case study may apply to undertake an external long case within their unit if there are no external long cases planned that they can attend. This temporary arrangement will require the support of the unit and applications will be assessed on an individual basis. Once coordinated external long cases resume, this temporary arrangement will cease.
Workplace-based progressive feedback (WBPF):
  • WBPFs should be performed relative to the volume of practice that the trainee is performing. The faculty understands that there might need to be greater flexibility than usual and that this is an evolving area. WBPFs can be done via telehealth. If you are having difficulty meeting this standard, please contact the faculty.

Accreditation of units:
  • Accreditation visits are currently taking place as either on-site or remote reviews via Zoom. 

  • If units knowingly deviate from faculty standards, particularly around full-time equivalent, they should inform the faculty.

For advice around your particular situation, please contact us

Last updated 09:46 31.03.2022