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FPM trainees should maintain an ePortfolio of assessments and training records that track their progression through the FPM training program. 

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From 6 February 2023, an ePortfolio to support the pain medicine training program will be introduced.  The ePortfolio will replace the paper versions of training forms with paper forms available on this page no longer being accepted after 20 February 2023. 

Workplace-based feedback forms are now available to be completed in the FPM training program ePortfolio. Clinical case studies, multi-source feedback and workplace-based feedback forms should now be submitted via the FPM training program ePortfolio. 

Practice development stage proposal

At least eight weeks before you plan to start the practice development stage (PDS), please submit a PDS proposal. The proposal must be approved by our Director of Professional Affairs FPM Education before you can start your practice development stage. 

If you're considering having a clinical research project accredited towards your practice development stage, please read the research guidance in the training handbook carefully. Your research project needs to be directly related to clinical pain medicine. 

You'll need to submit your letter of offer, position description and a weekly session plan for each placement, along with the forms below:

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Placement supervisor agreement PDF
PDS proposal - Training site description PDF
Practice development stage proposal PDF
Practice development stage proposal (placement details) PDF
Practice development stage supervisor agreement PDF
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PDS research guidance
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