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We recognise that stakeholder and government engagement is key to further developing perioperative medicine. We have reviewed evidence based  literature and described a perioperative care model which aims to improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and improve patient satisfaction with the care provided. In addition, we continue to advocate for reform and increased resource allocation to key stake holders such as government and care service provision planners.

Perioperative medicine literature review

In 2018, ANZCA commissioned a review to better identify effective perioperative care models described in peer-reviewed and grey literature worldwide.

The review also explored approaches to perioperative postgraduate education and training for health practitioners. 

There was clear evidence that a co-ordinated and collaborative multidisciplinary and multifaceted model of care is effective in providing clinical benefits and reduces costs. 

The core elements for success are close working relationships (leadership, team work and communication), clear protocols, documentation and compliance with those protocols, audit and importantly, patient-centred care.  

A second literature (2023) review is currently near completion, which explores the value and benefit of perioperative medicine to patients, community and health service provision as a whole. It includes models of prehabilitation, identifying high risk patients and developing processes for auditing, monitoring and benchmarking care for quality improvement.

Establishing perioperative medicine standards

Our professional documents have been updated to incorporate perioperative care principles outlined in the Perioperative Care Framework. The hospitals selected for the course clinical immersion have well established perioperative medicine services which will ensure the course participants receive a broad multidisciplinary experience. 

ANZCA professional documents have been updated to incorporate the perioperative care principles outlined in the Perioperative Care Framework. 

We are also developing Perioperative Medicine Standards which will be published in late 2023.

Advocating and lobbying

Engagement with government and other key influencers is important for the success of perioperative medicine. Central to our advocacy work is the development of the Value and Benefits Proposition, which will highlight the benefits and value of perioperative medicine for patients, community and health service delivery as a whole. Stakeholders include government, community groups and all relevant healthcare authorities and services.

Engagement not only involves communicating the perioperative medicine vision but also promoting the course.
Communiques providing updates have been distributed by ANZCA to key stakeholders - the most recent communique is available here: April 2024. The updates are also communicated in the ANZCA Bulletin.  


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