Other supports for perioperative medicine

We recognise that stakeholder and government engagement is key to further developing perioperative medicine. We've conducted review of literature to identify and understand a perioperative care model that is effective in improving patient outcomes and reducing costs. In addition, we will advocate using a value proposition that makes the case for reform and resource allocation by governments, funders and administrators in line with the perioperative care model.

Perioperative medicine literature review

In 2018, we commissioned a review of recent peer-reviewed and grey literature to better identify the co-ordinated perioperative care models that are effective in improving patient outcomes and cost efficiency. 
The review also explored models of postgraduate education and training for health practitioners for co-ordinated perioperative care that have been identified in the literature; and the implications for postgraduate education and training of health practitioners that could be identified in the literature.  

There was clear evidence that a co-ordinated and collaborative multidisciplinary and multifaceted model of care is effective in providing clinical benefits and reduces costs. 

The core elements for success are close working relationships (leadership, team work and communication), clear protocols, documentation and compliance with those protocols, audit and importantly, patient-centred care. 
A second literature (2019-2022) review explores the economic benefit of perioperative medicine, models of prehabilitation, choosing the right patient for ICU and audit, monitoring and benchmarking. 

Professional Standards

We're reviewing our professional documents and will potentially create new ones to incorporate our perioperative care model. We're identifying specific requirements to ensure perioperative medicine candidates get appropriate clinical exposure and teaching in training hospitals, particularly outside the operating theatre.  

Advocating and lobbying

Engagement with key stakeholders in perioperative medicine is essential for the successful development of the diploma and to share the perioperative medicine vision. Stakeholders include all groups, involved in the development of the perioperative care framework and the diploma and, community groups. 
Communiques providing updates have been distributed by ANZCA to all key stakeholders - the most recent communiques are available here: October 2021, February 2022,  April 2022 and June 2022. The updates are also communicated in the ANZCA Bulletin.  
Engagement with government and other key influencers is important for the success of perioperative medicine. Central to our advocacy work is the development of a value proposition, or economic case, which will establish the benefits and community value of perioperative medicine.  


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