Procedures Endorsement Program

The Faculty of Pain Medicine has defined processes to endorse fellows who practise procedures. The procedures endorsement program is open to FPM fellows, and to trainees who are in the practice development stage (PDS) of their FPM Training Program. 

The program will enable us to recognise our fellows' competence in providing safe and high quality care, encompassing the selection, performance and follow-up of procedures within the sociopsychobiomedical paradigm.

The process of endorsement involves fellows demonstrating their competency and adherence to the Procedures in Pain Medicine Clinical Care Standard, which articulates what is considered to be the appropriate and safe use of procedures in the practice of pain medicine. 

How do I gain faculty endorsement?

Attainment of FPM endorsement in pain medicine procedures may be pursued via one of the following pathways:

What procedures are included in the program?

The faculty has selected 21 procedures, which are established in practice and supported by evidence, for inclusion in the program. These procedures are listed in the Procedures Endorsement Program curriculum.

The procedures have been grouped into three categories that reflect the level of risk and complexity involved. When seeking endorsement, you may pursue one or more procedures that are relevant to your practice or interest, and there is no requirement to seek endorsement in all procedures or all categories.

It is important to note that the list of selected procedures is not comprehensive nor final. It will be reviewed regularly and may change over time, as more evidence is gathered for the clinical utility and harms of these and other procedures.

Do I have to get faculty endorsement?

Faculty endorsement is not mandatory and has no regulatory implications. The faculty does not suggest limiting the scope of practice to the procedures selected for endorsement, and endorsed fellows may practise and pursue training in other procedures as they wish.

However, FPM fellows and trainees who perform pain procedures are encouraged to seek faculty endorsement of their procedural practice.

I am a trainee. Can I get faculty endorsement?

FPM trainees in the Practice Development Stage (PDS) can undertake the Procedures Endorsement Program concurrently with the FPM pain medicine training program.

PDS trainees who complete their procedural training and are deemed suitable for endorsement need to be admitted to FPM Fellowship before receiving endorsement for pain medicine procedures.

Please see the Procedures Endorsement Program handbook and by-law 20 for further information.

How do I become an accredited procedural supervisor?

FPM Fellows who are experienced in pain medicine procedures and have scope and case load to support an endorsee are invited to apply to become an accredited procedural supervisor.  

The application form and checklist detail the requirments to become a procedural supervisor. 

Prior to appointment, prospective procedural supervisors will need to:

See also Supervised Clinical Experience Pathway page, or contact us for further information. 

How do I maintain my faculty endorsement?

Once endorsement is achieved a fellow must ensure they maintain their proficiency by undertaking professional development activities related to their procedural scope of practice.

Endorsed fellows will be required to meet the ANZCA and FPM CPD standard. There will be no requirement for additional CPD credits for fellows seeking to maintain their endorsement, however specific requirements relating to CPD activities to be undertaken during a triennium apply.

In addition to CPD, endorsed fellows will be expected once per triennium to provide the faculty with a certification (letter) from the Medical Advisory Committee of the institution(s) in which they perform pain procedures, stating that the fellow’s practice meets the hospital’s expected standards of care, and that there are no concerns in regards to the fellow’s knowledge, skill, judgement, or conduct that require faculty intervention.

Further CPD information will be able in due course. 

Supervised clinical experience pathway

This pathway is open to FPM fellows and trainees in the PD stage who elect to expand their practice by gaining workplace-based experience in planning, performing and managing pain procedures while working under the supervision of an FPM-accredited procedural supervisor

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Practice assessment pathway

FPM fellows who practise pain medicine procedures can apply to have their practice endorsed without having to complete the supervised clinical experience program.

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