Practice assessment pathway

A significant revision has been made to the application process for the Practice Assessment Pathway which alleviates the burden of paperwork. 

This decision is a result of feedback from fellows and a strategic workshop held in December 2023. The workshop identified opportunities to grow the number of endorsed fellows and in turn, grow the number of accredited procedural supervisors to increase opportunities for FPM trainees and new fellows to be upskilled via the Supervised Clinical Experience Pathway.

To allow time for those with a current scope of practice in procedures to review their practice and ensure alignment with PS11 (PM) Procedures in Pain Medicine Clinical Care Standard, this pathway will remain open until the end of 2026.

The Board recognises the Procedures Endorsement Program as a strategic goal to ensure safe and effective pain medicine care for our communities. While endorsement is not currently mandatory, there's the potential in the prevailing regulatory environment that hospitals, and possibly insurers, may come to regard endorsement as necessary to satisfy their requirements.

While we’ve streamlined the application process, the standards for endorsement remain high to ensure that only fellows with recognised experience receive endorsement, maintaining the program's integrity and importance.

The application form details the requirments and supporting documentation required with the application. See the program handbook and by-law 20 for further details.

Please contact us for further information on the application process. 

Last updated 14:39 14.03.2024