Airway Management SIG

The main objective of the Airway Management SIG is the promotion of science, education, exchange and distribution of ideas between anaesthetists with a particular interest and involvement in airway management. The group collaborate and have established links with other airway societies both within Australia and New Zealand and internationally.

The Airway Management SIG was set up to advance all aspects of airway management through the exchange of experience and knowledge.

Difficult Airway Alert

The Airway Management SIG have long aspired to consistent reporting of difficult airway information and we are working toward the ultimate goal of a patient protective airway database.

The Queensland Difficult Airway Alert project has developed a standardised airway alert form supported by a background document with agreed definitions for difficult airway, difficulty with bag mask ventilation, supraglottic airway ventilation and tracheal intubation, both direct and videolaryngoscopy. The documents provide guidance on when an alert should be generated and how difficult airway information is disseminated.

The working group has also made additions to the SNOMED clinical terms system to allow for difficult airway information to be more accurately reflected in electronic health records. A longer term the goal is to utilise this standardised form into a point of care database for difficult airway alert information. In Australia this will need to be achieved through My Health Record and consultation with the Australian Digital Health Agency towards this intention is in progress.

The form has recently been updated after broad consultation with users of the form and airway experts across Australia and New Zealand. It reflects contemporary thinking on how best to relay information regarding a difficult airway. ANZCA are pleased to endorse the form and encourage its use to standardise communication surrounding this important clinical event.

The form can easily be rebranded for any local hospital or health service or an ANZCA branded version can be utilised by individual practitioners. The copyright agreement with QLD Statewide Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care Clinical Network (SWAPNet) require the copyright information to remain in the left border of the document and no clinical information to be altered. If you would like further information regards the form the SWAPNet co-ordinator can be contacted via email.

Executive committee




Chair and newsletter editor

Dr Yasmin Endlich


Vice-chair and Airway leads in Queensland

Dr Linda Beckmann


Airway lead in Tasmania and Victoria,
equipment and industrial liaison, education liaison

Dr Pierre Bradley


Education liaison and newsletter support liaison

Dr Gordon Chapman


Airway leads in Western Australia

Dr Andy Heard


Education liaison

Dr Drew Heffernan


Equipment and industrial liaison, airway leads in New Zealand

Dr Chris Jephcott


Environment and sustainability - supporting the SIG in an advisory role

A/Prof Forbes McGain


Airway leads in South Australia and Northern Territory

Dr Richard Semenov


Newsletter support liaison and NSW Airway lead

Dr Tish Stefanutto


Research liaison

Professor André Van Zundert


Honorary member

Professor Ellen O'Sullivan


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Airway leads networks

The Airway Management Special Interest Group (SIG) is developing a network of airway leads throughout the Australian healthcare sector. Members will work collaboratively to improve airway management in anaesthesia. A similar network already exists in New Zealand.

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Access a wide range of resources related to airway management through the ANZCA Library.

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