Emerging Leaders Conference

Are you interested in strengthening your leadership skills? Do you see yourself as a future leader? Would you like to meet like-minded peers and work together on shaping the future direction of your specialty?

We support new fellows of anaesthesia and pain medicine in the development of a broad range of leadership skills such as communication, social and emotional intelligence and resilience through the Emerging Leaders Conference (ELC). The ELC brings together a diverse range of facilitators to present engaging and dynamic content over a three-day period for new fellows to build on their skills and attributes as future leaders of the profession.

New fellows are encouraged to apply to represent their region or country at the conference. An electronic invitation is also sent to all eligible new fellows and information is sent to the chair of each regional and national committee requesting they promote the conference, and to heads of department, highlighting the value of the conference to their promising young anaesthetists and pain medicine specialists. A copy of the ELC guidelines is available online.

Applications for the 2025 ELC will open in September 2024. More information will be made available closer to the date.

Have you attended an ELC?

We're inviting all ELC delegates past and present to register your interest in joining our proposed ELC Alumni program.

Last updated 11:47 17.05.2024